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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanks Giving Day

     So here I am.  My tummy satisfied.  The day is over.  All the children are in bed.  The in-laws and the out-laws are all sound asleep.  I guess I can't help but look back on the day.  

     We've followed most all of our traditions.  I mean, we played our games of Aggravation till we heard each other wonder why we do this to ourselves.  (hahaha) We ate to the point where we probably nearly hurt ourselves.  Most everyone fell asleep at some point during the day after we ate.  The only thing we didn't do was break the wishbone.... (I think we've got more turkey to deal with before we can find that bone.....)   ... all in all, I was a wonderful day and I'm at peace... 

     My wonderful husband let me sleep in.  It was my mother-in-law who was up before the sun getting the turkey in the oven.  When I finally arose all I could think about was how my husband should never have taken me to my High School Reunion and left me there with our oldest son.  He should have been there with me especially since I was given the "most beautiful" award.  It didn't take but one really good look in the mirror to let me know I'd been dreaming. (lol)   But he STILL should have stayed with me.  (ok, ok, I KNOW I was only dreaming but still.... : )  Anyway, he made up for "leaving" me, in my dream, by actually making sure I had coffee to drink once I was awake.  (now that's a good man!)

     The kids and I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade till Santa showed up and that was the end of that.  While we basically lolli-gagged the day away my husband and in-laws "slaved" in the kitchen preparing one totally awesome meal.  Lets see, we had :
Copyright Patricia Townsend/Voice From The End of Town
  • Turkey
  • Gravy
  • "Regular" Stuffing
  • Oyster Stuffing
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Fresh cooked green beans
  • Dinner rolls
  • Apple pie
  • Sweet potatoe pie
  • Peach pie
  • Ice cream
  • and some kind of sweet potatoe cassarole of some sort with pecans all over the top.
     It was just a "normal" day at the dinner table till my eldest daughter took her hand-made turkey and began to  pass it around.  The holder of the turkey began to tell what they were thankful for.  

This simple act of thanks giving truly made today THANKSGIVING DAY. 

I pray that we each find a way to thank God every day, then we can have THANKSGIVING DAY...... everyday !

Monday, November 22, 2010

I See What I Believe... and I Believe

God is not a man that he can lie.

I Am worthy of love.
I Am worthy of friendship.
I Am worthy of respect.
I Am valuable to God and to others.

I have a purpose and destiny worth living for.
God is with me Always, no matter what.
God loves Me, no matter what.
God accepts Me just the way I am.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poisonous Snake Bite Brings a Date With Death - - - NOT!

"The next time a coincidence blesses your life then embrace it for the gift from God that it is. We are all watched over with so much love. May we make our lives a gift of love as well."
The above statement was posted in a note by a friend on Facebook.  When I read it I felt compelled to post my proof that there are no such things as coincidences. It is true, you should embrace them as truly gifts from a loving heavenly father.

On June 27th, 2001 my kids and I were doing some work in the yard. We were cutting back vines and overgrown "stuff" so we could use and enjoy more of our property. My oldest daughter was off looking for lizards and found a snake instead but it wasn't in the woods. All the snakes in the woods scurry off for the most part when you get near them. No, this one was under a piece of wood in the middle of the yard. She'd been taught how to handle a snake but apparently not been taught that you shouldn't pick up every snake you see. So she brought her prize to me. (she was 9 1/2) But something didn't seem right...when I went to reach for the snake all sorts of warning bells went off inside me.

Why I Homeschool

     I do not in any way speak for the whole homeschooling community and I truly don't think that any one person can. 

     Homeschoolers, I believe, come from every race, religion, creed, social and economic, as well as political background. So you can see, thru this great diversity, there will be many different reasons for one’s homeschooling choice. 

     Below you will find a listing of reasons why I personally made the choice to homescool. This list is not in any specific order nor is it all inclusive.... there are many benefits of homeschooling that I’ve realized over the years since we began but we can talk about those

1. To build strong capable men who can lead their families well and to develop virtuous women who can succeed as wives and mothers.

2. To create a family unit that nourishes Christian character.

3. To restore “truths” that are omitted by secular education, ie in history, government, and Christian heritage.

4. To limit destructive influences and develop self-sufficiency and awareness of God given abilities.

5. To cultivate a “love of learning”, encourage creativity and resourcefulness.

6. To allow time for the formation of loving relationships between siblings.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Approaches to Homeschooling

Before telling you about my approach to homeschooling I feel the need to pass on some information. Did you know that there are two basic approaches to homeschooling?  The Textbook or Worktext approach and the Non-Textbook approach. Hey, that’s pretty easy but now, it gets interesting. Under the Non-Textbook approach there are seven common teaching approaches.

They are : 

  • The Classical Approach 
  • The Principle Approach 
  • Living Books & Life Experiences Approach 
  • Unit Study 
  • Unschooling 
  • Delayed Academics 
  • and the Learning Styles Approach

The easiest way to explain the Textbook / Worktext approach is to say that it is an approach in which graded textbooks/workbooks are used that follow some form of scope and sequence with daily increments of work in mind. The Textbook / Worktext approach has testing or checkpoints that help you to see if the child has mastered each section before going on. This approach can even be done via computer.

Now, to explain the seven common non-textbook approaches will take a little longer so please bear with me as I try to give you the “Readers Digest” explanations. (I.e.... short explanations)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Go beyond Parenting and Friendships to Mentoring

          Third grade, the second time around, wasn't starting off very well.  It wasn't any better than my first year in that grade.  The school had held me back, although I passed everything, because my reading level wasn't high enough.  There apparently had been no thought as to whether summer school could have helped me raise my reading to grade level and let me not be held back.  Instead, the school had the grand idea to have me removed from class for an hour every day so I could be sent to the special education class. Retard is not a name you want to be called at 9 years old... it hurts even when you know it isn't true. The exception to the horrible beginning of that year was my new teacher, Miss Drackian, she was a lot nicer than my previous teacher. 

     As I tried to settle in and hope for the best, our class was suddenly divided in half and deposited into new classes.  I thought my year had been destroyed instead, I was about to fall in love. You see, I was placed with Mr. Scrivano.  As soon as he spoke his first greeting to me, I was hooked, he had my attention.  My maiden taste of puppy love and a teacher who gave me the attention I desperately needed was well on the way to changing my life.  
Yes, I said “changing my life” and I’m not exaggerating.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Did you hear that?

Communication is so easy, right?  

All you have to do is get your message across.  

     You can take classes in communication to learn how to catch the attention of your audience.  You'll be taught to get your message across clearly, convey your thoughts correctly and make a good first impression.  Along those same lines you'll learn how to make a presentation, and be successful at public speaking.  

     The problem is that "active listening" is not usually part of the learning model but without it you cannot truly be an effective communicator.

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