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Monday, November 22, 2010

I See What I Believe... and I Believe

God is not a man that he can lie.

I Am worthy of love.
I Am worthy of friendship.
I Am worthy of respect.
I Am valuable to God and to others.

I have a purpose and destiny worth living for.
God is with me Always, no matter what.
God loves Me, no matter what.
God accepts Me just the way I am.

I am important enough to God that Christ died for ME.
God's plans are to prosper me, give me hope and a future.
I can trust God with everything. {including my kid(s) }
God's forgiveness endures through all my stupidity.
My problems are not too big for God to take care of.
I can walk in God's anointing, he really can use ME.

My words have eternal consequences therefore I will carefully choose the words I speak.

In God's great wisdom he chose to forgive me, therefore I will set aside the pride that I've been clinging to, setting myself as wiser than God, and... I WILL forgive myself.

Copyright Voice From The End of Town
Copyright Voice From The End of Town

In so many ways we try to live a life of "I'll believe it when I see it..." but the truth is... WE SEE WHAT WE BELIEVE. Whatever we believe to be true... those are the lenses through which we see ourselves, others and the whole world.

If our "lenses" give us a distorted view of all we are looking at then we need to "get our eyesight corrected..." ... and it just so happens that the eye doctor is in. But the correction in your "eyesight" will take some time to get used to as you change the "lenses" through which you see yourself and the world around you.  

The words God has spoke about you need to be repeated through the "headaches and the eyestrain" ... as his words become what you believe they will correct your "vision."  Then and only then will you be able to stop seeing yourself through the failures and mistakes of your past and through the eyes of others whose low opinion of you will never change no matter what you do or say. 

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  1. I have trouble believing in myself, I needed this. Thanx.


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