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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why I Homeschool

     I do not in any way speak for the whole homeschooling community and I truly don't think that any one person can. 

     Homeschoolers, I believe, come from every race, religion, creed, social and economic, as well as political background. So you can see, thru this great diversity, there will be many different reasons for one’s homeschooling choice. 

     Below you will find a listing of reasons why I personally made the choice to homescool. This list is not in any specific order nor is it all inclusive.... there are many benefits of homeschooling that I’ve realized over the years since we began but we can talk about those

1. To build strong capable men who can lead their families well and to develop virtuous women who can succeed as wives and mothers.

2. To create a family unit that nourishes Christian character.

3. To restore “truths” that are omitted by secular education, ie in history, government, and Christian heritage.

4. To limit destructive influences and develop self-sufficiency and awareness of God given abilities.

5. To cultivate a “love of learning”, encourage creativity and resourcefulness.

6. To allow time for the formation of loving relationships between siblings.

7. To allow each child to learn and master each subject at his/her own pace.

8. To be better able to emphasize personal responsibility and a Godly conscience.

9. To give our children the opportunity to delve deeper than usual into “a theme or topic” of interest to them.

10. To help generate independent thinking skills.

11. To allow for a more natural approach to learning by using those who love and understand the children most to teach.

12. To give each child the opportunity to become mentally, physically and emotionally ready before formal education is begun.

13. To keep God and family as the center of our children’s lives therefore, reducing if not totally stopping any development of peer dependency.

14. To raise financially responsible children with greater “financial” instruction. 

15. To instill our values.

16. For the ability to turn a regular outing into a field trip and educational experience.

17. To instill into each child a sense of integrity, honesty and high moral principles.

18. To follow thru on what we believe is our “biblically” God given responsibility to train up our children.

19. To encourage and protect our children’s self-esteem.

20. To help create a sense of wonder about the natural world.

21. To generate interest in different times, cultures, “interests.”

22. Developing observational, social and communication skills in a loving environment.

23. Developing our children’s confidence in their ability to learn.

24. To keep all the decision making, ie dress code, manners, education(curriculum), discipline, socialization, reading our hands.

25. To be able to place my children in diverse situations in which they will have a broader group of people including greater diversity in ages, races, religions, as well as those from different social and economic backgrounds to socialize with.

26. To develop critical thinking skills

27. To cultivate compassion, diligence and dependability in each child.

28. To encourage respect for elders.

29. To be in obedience to God’s will for us.

     For those of you who read this and do not homeschool I hope that you understand there is no judgement on my part for the choices you make concerning your own children. Each of us as parents must choose what we feel is the right choice for our families and our children and stand strongly beside that decision unless and until we feel God moving us in another direction.

  For those considering homeschooling or those new to homeschooling I would advise you to make your own list. Many of those that begin to homeschool and give up do so because they never really gave themselves a chance to succeed. They did not plan to fail... they failed to plan. 

     To make out a workable plan to homeschool you need to know your purpose, the reasons you are about to embark or have already embarked on this major undertaking... it sets the groundwork upon which all other work you do will be built.

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