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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Body & the Anointing

     This has been on my heart a lot lately as I've had the opportunity to see a precious example of the true unity of the body of Christ... the way God means for it to be with each part of the body learning to courageously step up to do their part and learning to hear God and step back so another part of the body can do the ministry it was called and anointed to do... all in God's timing.

     So many times we in the church find ourselves wishing that God would give us just a little of the anointing he has on someone else.  We lift them up to sit on pedestals so high that we can't see how we could ever walk in the anointing like they do.  I'm not talking about those who spend little time with God nurturing and building their relationship with him.  I'm talking about people who care about their relationship with God... who spend time with him regularly.  And yet, still cannot see themselves the way God sees them and are easily distracted thinking about things that don't really matter.

     As we are each a part of the body of Christ, we need to realize that we all have different purposes, different paths and different ministries.  God's anointing will be on us at different times and for different purposes but it's the same spirit and the same anointing.  God wants our attention on him and not on his gifts. 

Discernment is like the eyes in a allows us to see what's coming.  

Healing and service are like our hands that reach out and touch the people helping them up when they've fallen.  

Prophecy and encouragement are like the mouth when it speaks... either bringing warning, wisdom, support or comfort.  

Counselors are like the ears in the body.  They are gifted in a way unlike many others to really be able to hear the hearts cry of his people and thereby minister.  

We really need to be thankful for all the diversity in the body... I mean, how freaky would we look if as a "body" we had 3 hands, 5 feet, 2 mouths, and 1 ear?  And yet, thru jealousy and envy, thru a lack of understanding of our place and purpose in the body of Christ this is what we make ourselves look like.  

There should never be any jealousy in the body of Christ "God never uses ME that way!"  

There should also never be pride in the body of Christ... 
"I'm so anointed by God just look how he's using me! 
I'm so glad I'm not you... 
what you do is not as anointed as what I do."  

Neither should there be this... 
"Well I just don't understand why they keep talking about how anointed I am, don't they realize I don't walk in the anointing they walk in?"  

     At any given moment as God is using you in your ministry, in the anointing that he has placed on you, you may look to them as if you walk in an anointing they just haven't attained.  So, truly, here is where the issue is....... 

God isn't looking at the anointing, He's the one that put it on you for a time, a place and a purpose.... so maybe we should get our eyes off of it as well.  

     God is more concerned about our relationship with Him and our relationship with others so..... lets just DO what God has called us to do.... together, as a body with all it's differing parts working in unison and in unity of purpose. 

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