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Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Not a Respecter of Persons"

     In September of 1988, three years after I got married, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  *PCOS is a health problem that can affect many areas of a woman's life including her ability to have children.  It is, in fact, the most common cause of female infertility.

     My doctor had run a diagnostic laparoscopy, a minimally invasive procedure, that allowed him to see the condition of my abdominal organs including my ovaries.  My ovaries were so messed up he described them as looking like swiss cheese.  Medically, having children was out of the picture.  He knew of my christian faith, the fact that I believe that miracles do still happen and this is what he said...

" ....because I know of your faith, I won't tell you that you'll never have children but that it'll take four to five years of constantly trying before you'll get pregnant."  

     I knew at that point that he was telling me that, (if I use biblical terms), I was barren.... incapable of producing a child.  That left me with only one option.... I needed God to intervene so I took it to God.  In the Bible there are many barren women and God opened their wombs and gave them children.  If God is no respecter of persons then it doesn't matter whether I live in Biblical times or now.... he still works miracles.  My husband and I came together in unity on the desire to have a child.  We prayed and acknowledged that the decision to give us a child was God's and prayed that in his timing he would give us a child.  

     Three months after being diagnosed with PCOS...... I was pregnant !!!   Matthew was born in September of 1989.  This was fabulous!  In December of 1990, I conceived again and in September of 1991 Kathryn and Michael were born.  As we began to settle down into our family with three wonderful little ones, I was surprised to find out that I had conceived again, this time in December of 1992.  So in September of 1993 Sarah was born.  Now, there were issues with Sarah's birth that I may cover in a later blog but I'll just say we had to take her off life support.  It was a hard decision that left us wondering if we wanted to have anymore kids.  We figured that we'd wait till a year had passed from the time of Sarah's death to make a decision but, as the decisions to have all the previous children had been God's and not ours.... it was, at least for now, going to stay in God's hands.  

     In 1994, nine months after Sarah died, I found out I was pregnant again and Kimberly was born in March of 1995.  At this time my husband and I decided that we didn't think it was a good idea for me to get pregnant again so I had my tubes tied.  As far as we knew, this was the end, this was all the children we'd have and physically speaking that's true.... but God wasn't thru with us yet. 

     Joel, my youngest son, was born to his birth mother in April of 1999 but God had started dealing with our hearts back in 1997.  It took back to back dreams of being pregnant, dreams that went on for two years, to finally get us both to the point where we said, " God we accept your will for our lives even if it includes another child."  Six months after Joel was born he was placed in our hands to take care of and care for.  We were able to officially make him our son in 2007. 

copyright Voice From the End of Town
March 2007 / copyright Voice From the end of Town
Our precious children are miracles.  I was medically not supposed to have any kids.  My body doesn't produce enough of the female hormones to carry a pregnancy to term.  My hormones have been, according to the doctor, imbalanced since my conception.  Because of this imbalance there was no way that I could take any form of birth control pills in order to hopefully even things out.... even the lowest dosages had pretty bad side effects for me.  We didn't use any form of medical aid to help us get pregnant and I got pregnant the first three times in the month of December and each time was two years apart.  (if I'd been planning it, it wouldn't have happened that way !)

God is real, he does exist.  He cares about you.  He doesn't love me and my family any more than he loves you.  

He gave me five wonderful children that I birthed myself and a child birthed by another. 

So, take heart, God is willing to work wonders in your life.  He really is "not a respecter of persons" which means, if he'll do it for me he'll do it for you.

4 awesome comments:

  1. What a beautiful story that I really enjoy and love to read about God's willing....Thanks for sharing us yr experience Patricia....

  2. You are more than welcome. I appreciate your words and the fact you took the time to comment. I'm so sorry however that I wasn't on top of answering all my comments early on and somehow missed yours.

  3. What a miracle! Praise God!


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