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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Simple Things

Dealing with the flu in the house for almost a week can take a lot out of you but right now, I'm in the right place.  I'm laid back in my comfy chair listening to the silence and it is such a welcome sound.  There is no coughing... at least for the moment.  I'm watching Joel, my youngest, sleep so peacefully.  This is the first morning since the flu hit that I've heard him breathing normally.  (I pray he sounds the same when he wakes up.) 

Kathryn, my second in command (lol), is on the couch.  

Since the first day that I realized Joel was sick and moved his bed to the living room so I could better take care of him, Kathryn has slept on the couch beside him.  She's done so in order to watch over him... giving me the chance to sleep in my own bed and stay rested.  What a blessing!  Even when she got feverish she didn't leave his side.  Matthew, my eldest, has gotten up now and is beginning to make strawberry pancakes.  Soon the smell will spread through the whole house waking all the sleepy heads from their beds then they'll start calling out dibs on who gets the next pancake.  

These are the simple things.  
The things we usually don't slow down enough to recognize. 
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  1. Wow its nice that you see things in a good way Patricia, unlike others, they always see things not that good enough, being positive is a choice, seeing things as blessings from god is a choice as well, but you, you are the blessing to people around you, because happiness could carry all out the problems, always smile and they will also share a smile on you, Merry Christmas in Advance and God bless your family!


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