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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thoughts From the Road

I'm currently on the road with my family and we're literally headed to grandmothers house. (ha ha). I've just been watching road signs and realized there are so many interesting places being advertised. How easy it would be to just take a little detour and check some of these places out. Tiger Creek sounds so exotic and rustic cabins sounds like the perfect place to get away. The signs make it look so inviting and not very far away... but they never tell you what it's going to cost. You won't find that out till you take the detour.

I guess I'm running a little philosophical today cause all I can think about is how this correlates with our walk with God, our ministry, our destiny. When we don't have that walk with God we are like only wanderers going wherever the wind blows us. Whatever signpost catches our eye we head in that direction with little to no regard for the cost or the harm to ourselves or others. We have no purpose but to make ourselves happy. Once we have that relationship with God we now have a known “quantity”, something of value, something we will base our future direction on. We now have a destination in mind. At this point it's ever more important that we pay attention to the road signs. Those advertisements are going to be there and probably in a greater abundance as things come to sway us back to the wandering lifestyle we used to live. But now we have someone with us, a companion in our journey who can help us make the right choices, see the cost ahead of time and chose the right roads.

Remember though, not every road sign is enticing you away from your ultimate destination and not every road that is paved, comfortable and well traveled is the right road.  Sometimes God hides little gems off on dirt roads barely traveled… the roads are harsh and uncomfortable…. 
only those willing to endure that road will find them.

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