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Thursday, December 30, 2010

When NOT to go to the Beach

     So, we went out with our kids, the nephew and his family yesterday.  There's a playground we hit every trip and usually take a family photo there for posterity sake so we headed on over with the kids and enjoyed ourselves.  Then we all walked several blocks over to enjoy some old ruins through the eyes of the kids.  That usually would be a good enough outing but we weren't exactly finished yet.  We had to include a trip to the beach.  

Yes, we're totally nuts!  

     It's like in the 50's at the highest temp for the day.  We let the kids take their shoes and socks off and dip their feet in the water.  You know, the water should be cold enough that they won't do that for very long and they'll be done with the beach...  no,no, we forgot we were dealing with kids.  I don't know why we thought that common sense would prevail.  

     Next thing I know, my littlest comes back from the water totally soaked and freezing to death.  Seems that the water was lapping around his ankles and he was bending over when a much larger wave hit him soaking him from head to toe.  His hands and feet, cheeks and nose were red and he was frozen and shivering.  We had to send him to the van to get out of his wet clothes and get wrapped in a Mexican blanket.  My oldest then held him to try and help him warm up faster.  About 15 minutes later his toes were getting enough feeling back into them that he was getting pins and needles.  

So, if you're ever asking yourself if there ever is a time that you shouldn't go to the beach..... this is it. 

You should not go to the beach when :
  • it's cold enough outside to wear a jacket
  • when you are hoping that common sense will prevail

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