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Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Do You Say on Facebook?

     Facebook is an awesome social media.  It allows for contact and conversation with many more people than we could possibly talk to on the phone or in person in one day.  

     Facebook makes things easier.  No longer do we need to print out pictures and send them out.  We can upload them to our photo albums instead.  More than likely those that we would have sent pictures to can now see them online.  

     When we need to let everyone know about something big such as a wedding, a birth or death in the family, it's easier to get a message out.  Planning events and inviting others is so much faster to do.  

     We can keep in contact with those we work with, go to school with, or even go to church or synagogue with.  Old friends can find us and family members that don't see each other often can stay in contact. 

     Everyone knows our ups and downs.  They know when we're having a good day or a bad one.  They know who we're hanging out with and where we're going.  They definitely get a really good idea of what our opinions are on a myriad of subject.  As well as the music, movies and games we like.  

     It doesn't take long before we've posted or liked one too many things and others are thinking.... TMI !  We post it all so clearly for everyone to see. 

But there's a problem.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Something to Consider

     My oldest son has been reading a book called "The God Chasers."  Every once in a while he'll sit down with either my husband or I and start discussing what he's recently read.  Tonight our conversation turned to prayer.  He was discussing the words of the writer when it came to how the he felt about us spending so much of our time during prayer in looking for no more than God's blessings on ourselves.

     It was the perfect time to really talk about what prayer is, about how it's an extension of and an important part of our relationship with God.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Stop Scootin'

     You remember as a child being told to sit down? Do you remember that ant's in your pants feeling that would make you keep moving around EVEN WHEN YOU WERE SITTING ?  
Well, I got a reminder of that from the pulpit on Sunday and it's all up in my head now! 

     I can see so many times in my life where instead of hearing God say it's time, get up and get going..... I'm hearing sit down.  But it's so hard to sit! 

"Sit Down" he says and I just wanna get up and help the situation but I can't... so I sit ... and scoot. 

Well, but you should understand that I'm sitting Lord, just like you said....  why are you still fussing at me? ? ? 

And he says "STOP SCOOTING!" 

But God, I'm sitting like you said, I'm just fidgeting... what's wrong with that? 

And he says "You're restless, and worrying.     
I want you to sit with me for awhile. 

Do I not own the cattle on a thousand hills?      
I have all the provisions you need.

Do I not know how many hairs are on your head?     
I know what you're going thru.

You've taken anothers yoke upon you and it's weighing you down,     
let it go. 

Let me come alongside you again.     Trust me again.   
I'll carry the weight and you can rest in my peace."

So, here I sit...
Lord help me to let go of those things that make me restless and encourage me to worry.
Teach me to rest in your peace. 

*Thank you to my Pastor for speaking what I needed to hear

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Thing of Greater Importance

I just finished reading a post on another blog and was touched by the words of the author.  She was talking about how she had lost sight of the gospel and made the group she was in the thing of greater importance in her life.  If you thought like her, acted like her, believed like her then you were part of her "group" but those that didn't were excluded.  She knew that she was being cruel to other people but the "club" was more important.  (*A link to her article will be at the end of this post)

It got me thinking of how often we do the same.... across the spectrum.  We group ourselves off with people of "like" mind and convictions, the same beliefs and religious or political views.  We group ourselves according to education and socio-economic status... according to race, creed and color.  While there is nothing inherently wrong with doing this there is a point, a line, that when you've stepped over it you've taken something that can be good and made it so very bad.

How many people do we pass by on the street or in the parking lot or in stores that we won't dare speak to because of the clothes they wear or the music they're listening to?  How about at church?  They sit down near us or next to us but we don't give them the time of day because they don't "fit" into our "group"... our "club"... our "clique."  They are written off, we won't take the time to get to know them... much less just take a few minutes to talk to them.  They may be the very people that God has sent into our life to bless us but we swat away the hand of blessing... because they don't "fit."  Or even worse, they could have been sent to us because they needed to see the love of Christ in action...  they needed us to see their value... and help them.

How many times has society told us who has value 
and who doesn't...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lessons Learned at Sewing Class

     So I've been sitting here, off to the side, while my girls have been attending sewing class for the last several months.  It's been interesting, they've sewn a few items, learned how to pin up pants correctly in order to hem them right and have been working on tracing out, pinning up and cutting a pattern of their choice for their actual first outfit.  

     They've learned that a proper fitting undergarment can make a world of difference in the way your blouse looks on you, you can go from frumpy to fabulous.  

     They've come to recognize that though some colors may look good on the rack, the wrong ones will make you look like death warmed over.

Today they are actually cutting out the fabric for their outfit.  They're learning what they need in order to be able to make their own clothes.

Other lessons that they've learned through sewing class are :
  • to pay attention to all given instruction, don't suppose you know and walk away
  • ask questions, the only dumb ones really are the ones you don't ask
  • to see yourself the way God made you. 
  • to realize there is nothing wrong with you.
  • you don't need to try to look or be like anyone else
  • to stop finding fault with your body instead learn to dress the body that God gave you
  • to allow others to see the true beauty inside of you by dressing modest but with a perfect fit

I guess when you get the right teacher 
you'll learn so much more than you expect.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Want Clear Skies

I've been fighting depression lately.  

I can feel it when it starts.  

     It's like someone just took a blanket and put it over me.  I don't wanna go there but the pressure is still there.  Some people would never fess up to the truth but I'm not some people... I'm me and I'm not like everyone else.  When this junk comes you can read it all over my face, you can see it in how I carry myself.... so I'm willing to say what's going on because lying about how I'm feeling isn't going to help me. 

     As a family, we're going through some hardships and it's had me stretched like a rubber band.  I've been trying to watch what I say and do so I don't make the pressure on my husband any more than it is.  At the same time, I've been trying to help the kids find a good balance in their emotions.  But the stretch it has placed on me has brought me to the place where I don't have much stretch left in my rubber band... it's starting to break.

     I don't know why I'm here or why I'm going thru this.... all I know is where I've been and where I wanna go.  

I don't want to be in this "funk"... it drains the life out of me. 

     I don't wanna be around anyone, I just wanna find a rock and crawl under it... but that's not the real me.  So I'm gonna do the only thing I know how to do, I'm gonna remind myself of what God has done for us.  I'm going to pray that as I remind myself of what God has done that he'll remove the grey clouds from around me. 

  • Just a few months ago, when I didn't know where provision was going to come from, God stepped in and showed out, he provided on a daily basis what was needed.

  • God has protected my family and I so many times on the road.  He's given me what I call "traveling graces" such that at one time I drove a vehicle for a year and a half with multiple cracks in the head and if you know anything about engines you know that's not possible.

  • I've personally been in 3 automobile accidents in my life, (all as a passenger in case you're wondering) and God has protected me through each one.  I've walked away from each with only bruises and contusion

  •  He took care of my daughter Kathryn when she was bitten by a poisonous snake.  He brought every person she needed to the same place at the same time, gave them wisdom and saved her life. 

  • Something I forgot about till now is that he put a missionary outside the United States, who didn't even know us, on her knees praying for someone bitten by a poisonous snake.  This happened at the time my daughter was dealing with the snake bite not days after.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I've been hearing the word revival a lot lately. 
We want revival for our country, our states, our counties and our cities. We'll even call for and pray for revival in our families but what I hear missing is... “Lord, revive me!” 

The desire for revival is a good desire but what are we asking for? God change my nation, my state, my county, my city... please change my family... but where is the prayer... 
“Lord, change me!” 

This is where we need to be.... 
"Lord, change me! 
Make me who I was meant to be." ... but don't stop there. 

“Lord, I'm tired of all the stuff I've been going through. I've been trying to deal with it all in my own strength and I can't do it anymore. I've been doing my own thing, what I thought was right and I'm tired of all the trouble it brings. 

I don't really know how to give you all of me but Lord, take all of me! I'm not running any more. You have me, all of me, spirit, soul and body. I'll go where you'd have me go. I'll do what you'd have me do. I'll talk to those you'd have me talk to. Lord, just give my life direction. Show me where you would have me because I don't really know where my place is. Show me what I should do because I don't know my purpose.  Lord, set my feet on the right path so that the day I draw my final breath I can know I fulfilled my destiny.” 

This is what brings revival. 
Praying like this will change you, will revive those dead places inside of you and light a fire in you that will spread. We've got to stop praying for God to change everyone else around us and not praying for God to change us. There is so much ill in each one of us that God needs to heal and set right but he can't do that until we get our eyes off of all the wrong in others lives and say God fix me first. 

Lord, forgive me. I've thought so highly of myself and not realized I was as wrong as those I wanted you to change. Teach me to see others as you see them. Teach me to love others as you love them. Lord teach me, teach me how to truly love others. Show me what a true love relationship is.”

You see revival is not something to go to, it's not something that has to be waited for, it's not a feeling or an emotional thing. Revival is where God takes an individual who was dead or dying and breathes His breath of life into them. All that was dead comes alive. You change. It's as simple as that. You change! You are no longer the same as you were. Change starts on the inside of you and you become the revival that you've been looking for. 

Does that sound crazy? It's not. We want revival in all these things that we are apart of but are we willing to “BE” the change? Are we willing to be the “FIRST” to change? Our change begins to affect others and before long we see the change in others we'd been praying for.

Revival comes immediately to those who truly want it, to those who are willing to change and willing to be the first to change.... God doesn't make us wait for His breath of life.... it is His will that every dead or dying part of you be revived... be given new life. Revival is waiting on you..... Will you stop running? Will you stop asking God to change others and ask him to change you instead?
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