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Monday, January 17, 2011

Stop Scootin'

     You remember as a child being told to sit down? Do you remember that ant's in your pants feeling that would make you keep moving around EVEN WHEN YOU WERE SITTING ?  
Well, I got a reminder of that from the pulpit on Sunday and it's all up in my head now! 

     I can see so many times in my life where instead of hearing God say it's time, get up and get going..... I'm hearing sit down.  But it's so hard to sit! 

"Sit Down" he says and I just wanna get up and help the situation but I can't... so I sit ... and scoot. 

Well, but you should understand that I'm sitting Lord, just like you said....  why are you still fussing at me? ? ? 

And he says "STOP SCOOTING!" 

But God, I'm sitting like you said, I'm just fidgeting... what's wrong with that? 

And he says "You're restless, and worrying.     
I want you to sit with me for awhile. 

Do I not own the cattle on a thousand hills?      
I have all the provisions you need.

Do I not know how many hairs are on your head?     
I know what you're going thru.

You've taken anothers yoke upon you and it's weighing you down,     
let it go. 

Let me come alongside you again.     Trust me again.   
I'll carry the weight and you can rest in my peace."

So, here I sit...
Lord help me to let go of those things that make me restless and encourage me to worry.
Teach me to rest in your peace. 

*Thank you to my Pastor for speaking what I needed to hear

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