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Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Do You Say on Facebook?

     Facebook is an awesome social media.  It allows for contact and conversation with many more people than we could possibly talk to on the phone or in person in one day.  

     Facebook makes things easier.  No longer do we need to print out pictures and send them out.  We can upload them to our photo albums instead.  More than likely those that we would have sent pictures to can now see them online.  

     When we need to let everyone know about something big such as a wedding, a birth or death in the family, it's easier to get a message out.  Planning events and inviting others is so much faster to do.  

     We can keep in contact with those we work with, go to school with, or even go to church or synagogue with.  Old friends can find us and family members that don't see each other often can stay in contact. 

     Everyone knows our ups and downs.  They know when we're having a good day or a bad one.  They know who we're hanging out with and where we're going.  They definitely get a really good idea of what our opinions are on a myriad of subject.  As well as the music, movies and games we like.  

     It doesn't take long before we've posted or liked one too many things and others are thinking.... TMI !  We post it all so clearly for everyone to see. 

But there's a problem.
     It's easy to become so complacent with this awesome form of media that we don't think of the drawbacks, the disadvantages or even the actual dangers.  One of many dangers with Facebook is that we tend to forget how instant the media is and how far reaching our actions are.  It's so easy to just cut loose and let our emotions fly.  Next thing we know we've taken those hurtful and harmful thoughts and posted them.  It's understood that we'll have days when we may go into our bedrooms or bathrooms and cut loose. We may yell in our cars or in our yards.  Out in front of our families and close friends we may say and do things in anger or frustration but when the computer is the closest thing to you..... 
What do YOU say on FACEBOOK???

     We can't take those things we've said back.  We may delete them when we realize that it was the wrong thing to post but they've already been seen..... we've already been heard... our words have already made an impact.  The person we're speaking about may never have the chance to see what we've written but others have..... and God only knows what impact it's had on them.

So, ........ what do you say on Facebook?

3 awesome comments:

  1. Wow, this post made me really think. I try to just post links of things that I'm interested in, new things my kids are doing, some scripture verses and quotes..but that's about it. I've seen people get really emotional and lay out some personal info online, and being a third party, is a weird experience. It's really true that you get glimpses inside the lives of people who you hardly knew years ago. It's indeed a wise thing, to be careful what one says!

  2. Good insights Patricia. I generally think twice before I post anything... and even pray first as well. As a blogger, one thing I’ve noticed is that when I post on my wall, many people just press “like” instead of taking the time to write a meaningful and thoughtful comment. I’m sure you must have experienced this as well. Facebook truly does have its pros and cons. Thanks for this well written post.

  3. Jessica : Yes, it can be a really weird experience to be a third party to someone on FB going into an emotional meltdown. You want to tell them that it would be better to have the meltdown off of FB but don't want to add to their situation. You have to be careful.

    Debra : Yes, I have definitely had the experience. Right now though I have more experience with those that make a comment based on the little snipet they see without ever actually reading the whole post. Such is life. My hope is that the one person that needs to read it that day will and that it's what they need.

    Btw, thank you ladies for your great comments!


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