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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So You’re Thinking About Blogging?

Have you made the mistake of telling someone that you're thinking about blogging?  Have you been asked yet...

“What makes you think anyone wants to hear 
what you have to say?” 


“What will make your blog any different than a thousand others that are out there?  They all repeat themselves. There is nothing new you could say or add” 

or maybe

“You’ll never succeed.”

     These questions and statements are dream and passion killers.  If you have a desire to blog….. do it.  All that I advise is that you ask yourself some questions and think about a few things first to give you direction and perspective.

copyright Voice From The End of Town
 Blogging is an opportunity for you to make a statement, give your opinion, tell the “world” how you feel.  It’s also a chance to bring attention to your expertise or products, your passion, your mission or charity.  Blogs cover politics, religion, technology, products and everything else in-between. 

What do you want to speak to?

     I have chosen to be eclectic in what I speak to.  I'm a Christian homeschooling mom of 5.  I'm an asthmatic and diabetic whose children have varying degrees of allergies and asthma.  One child has scoliosis that must be monitored, medicated and sometimes rehab’d.  Another has already had to have heart surgery in order to attempt to repair his aortic valve. (It didn't work.)  I started homeschooling in 1996 and am not finished yet.  I touch on each of these subjects or will soon have touched on each one of them.  But, most of all, I speak words of encouragement or challenge that come from my Christian faith. 

Who is your audience? Do you know who you want to speak to?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Invitation

     God in all his awesomeness gives us reason after reason to praise Him everyday.  Many days we find it hard to praise Him though.  There's so much "noise" in our life, so much busyness, so many other things that take our time and attention: Deadlines, appointments, projects, family time, time with friends... and MY time... time for ME to do what I want and ONLY what I want.  

     I know, I speak from experience ... I speak from my own life. Many days I find everything else demanding my attention and taking the time to praise God gets squeezed into the smallest spot it can fit in or..sadly, replaced with so many other things of less importance....  

     I don't want to do that today.  I'd like to  invite you to enter in to God's presence with me and let God know how much we thank him for all he has done for us, for all he is.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Come and Sit

There is just a peace when I look at this picture.  I can hear the water rushing under the swinging bridge as I stand there waiting for it to become still enough to catch this snapshot.  I remember feeling so alone on the bridge and a little scared to be honest.  Though many others have been across this bridge it's scary for me.  My heart is up in my throat and I can only take a few steps at a time and I must be very careful where I step.  If I don't step carefully the bridge will move and shift more under my feet and my footing will become even more unsteady.  And yet, in the midst of shifting footing and building fear... I find a place of peace.  Here I sit, snap my picture and enjoy this moment.  God is with me, he always has been and always will be. No matter whats going on in my life, what turmoil, what stresses, ... it's come to pass... just like the waters flowing beneath my feet.  He's given me this reminder, there is peace in his presence.  He only asks that I take the time to come and sit with him.

Will you sit with him today?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dealing With Asthma

Try this experiment with me:  
     Place a clip over your nose so that you cannot breathe through it then after several good breaths place a straw in your mouth.  Now, next I want you to breathe only through the straw.  As soon as you feel comfortable with what you are doing.... pinch the straw partway closed and see how long you can go on breathing before you feel you absolutely must pull the straw out and breathe normally.  It shouldn't take long before you'll remove the straw.  

Go ahead, try it.... I'll wait here for you.

     Now what you should have found out is how hard it is to breathe through a straw and how horrible it feels to have that straw pinched even just partway off.  I hope you actually did the experiment cause it'll make it easier to understand whats coming next.  You've just "experienced" an asthma attack.  Yes, it was a fake asthma attack but it's the closest you're going to get....the only problem is that when someone is having an asthma attack there is no straw to pull out..... this is how they feel.  They can't breath.

     As a mom with asthma raising five kids with varying degrees of asthma this has been on my heart for years.  I've come across so many parents whose children have been diagnosed with "reactive airway disease" (as a young child) or asthma (in their elementary to high school age) and have never taken seriously the issues at hand.  Breathing is something we take for granted until we are unable to do it but for a child with asthma the only advocate they have is their parents....therefore it's extremely important that as parents we never take it for granted.  

     One of the most important things I've learned over 19 years of "dealing" with this is to stop trusting the doctors so completely.   They are human, they make mistakes, they don't know everything (even if they think they do) and if you're an observant parent then in many instances you will know your child or children better than they do.  Trust what you know and don't hesitate to question your doctor.   Be an advocate for your child so they get what they need.  Educate yourself on whatever the problem is.  Don't leave the responsibility up to the doctors.  Yes, they've gone to med school and learned alot but

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do We Dam Up The Outpouring?

     There was a man having a dream.  In the dream he saw a great church sitting on a hill above a town that could have literally been a ghost town... it was dry and lifeless and the people there were dying.  He could see the lack of water and the destruction of their lives and the town.  In comparison, on the hill where the church stood the grass was green and there was life.  As he stood there he saw a hand from heaven carrying a pitcher getting ready to pour out a "deluge" over the church.  He could see that where he was standing half-way between the church and the town would be flooded as the water flowed down from the church to the dry and dying town below.  As the pitcher tipped and the deluge began to fall the people in the church suddenly ran out and began to build a great dam around the property effectively keeping the outpouring within their walls.  They set guards on the dam to keep anyone from the outside from coming in and "dirtying" up what they had.  Then the Lord appeared beside the wall bewildered by the damming up of his outpouring when it was meant to flow out from the church to the dying people in the town below. 

     The Lord ask one question..... 
"Why have you dammed those I have not dammed?"

This is a powerful question.  
Am I damming up the outpouring?  
Have I stingily held onto what God 
meant for me to share with others?  
Have I allowed others to go thirsty 
when I had life-giving water to share?

*** my paraphrase of my morning devotion out of the (free) electronic e-Sword program. 
***Rylisms... Downloaded devotion by James Ryle   

Friday, March 4, 2011

Do You Stay With The Status Quo ?

     I have several people in my life right now that are stretching me.  They are calling on me to step up and do things that are not the norm, at least not normal for me.  These are things that I've never really tried to do.  Many times they are things I don't actually think myself capable of, or smart enough to do.  Personally, most of the time, I want to say "NO!" and I've had to ask myself why. 

So many times we get used to the status quo. 

"This is what I can do and no more.  These are my boundaries." 

     Which, I think, begs the question... are these really the boundaries of our abilities or the boundaries of what we are willing to try?  We know that within our boundaries we are at least successful enough to satisfy ourselves.  So is it that we are afraid of trying something new and failing?  There are so many different reasons why most of us don't readily step out to do something out of our "norm."   What are your reasons?  When faced with something that stretches you, what do you do?

     Lately, I haven't been able to say "NO!" no matter how badly I want to scream it.  I've realized that the idea that someone else truly thinks me capable is encouraging and that has helped me to step out of my comfort zone

     Although the stretching can be really also feels pretty good... afterwards... especially when you succeed at something new.  

Believing in yourself is so very important therefore we should take care to surround ourselves with others who believe in us.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finding Peace

     I woke up suddenly this morning with a dream that disturbed me, not in a really bad way, it just had my attention.  I couldn't go back to sleep.  This was one I needed to take to God... it's the only way I'd have peace.  I got up and thought I'll read my Bible "that'll settle my mind" but it wouldn't do... I needed to go straight to God in prayer... but how do I go there?  

     I opened my media player and picked a few songs to help me enter into an atmosphere of prayer and as the first song began to play my heart broke.  The tears just began to flow and all I could cry out was "God I don't know what to do!"  As I reached out to God the music continued playing then "The Heart of Worship" came on and I realized my spirit had found peace.  It has been my song for today.

If you need peace or just need to enter into his presence listen to this and spend this time calling out to God... he hears you.
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