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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do We Dam Up The Outpouring?

     There was a man having a dream.  In the dream he saw a great church sitting on a hill above a town that could have literally been a ghost town... it was dry and lifeless and the people there were dying.  He could see the lack of water and the destruction of their lives and the town.  In comparison, on the hill where the church stood the grass was green and there was life.  As he stood there he saw a hand from heaven carrying a pitcher getting ready to pour out a "deluge" over the church.  He could see that where he was standing half-way between the church and the town would be flooded as the water flowed down from the church to the dry and dying town below.  As the pitcher tipped and the deluge began to fall the people in the church suddenly ran out and began to build a great dam around the property effectively keeping the outpouring within their walls.  They set guards on the dam to keep anyone from the outside from coming in and "dirtying" up what they had.  Then the Lord appeared beside the wall bewildered by the damming up of his outpouring when it was meant to flow out from the church to the dying people in the town below. 

     The Lord ask one question..... 
"Why have you dammed those I have not dammed?"

This is a powerful question.  
Am I damming up the outpouring?  
Have I stingily held onto what God 
meant for me to share with others?  
Have I allowed others to go thirsty 
when I had life-giving water to share?

*** my paraphrase of my morning devotion out of the (free) electronic e-Sword program. 
***Rylisms... Downloaded devotion by James Ryle   

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