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Friday, March 4, 2011

Do You Stay With The Status Quo ?

     I have several people in my life right now that are stretching me.  They are calling on me to step up and do things that are not the norm, at least not normal for me.  These are things that I've never really tried to do.  Many times they are things I don't actually think myself capable of, or smart enough to do.  Personally, most of the time, I want to say "NO!" and I've had to ask myself why. 

So many times we get used to the status quo. 

"This is what I can do and no more.  These are my boundaries." 

     Which, I think, begs the question... are these really the boundaries of our abilities or the boundaries of what we are willing to try?  We know that within our boundaries we are at least successful enough to satisfy ourselves.  So is it that we are afraid of trying something new and failing?  There are so many different reasons why most of us don't readily step out to do something out of our "norm."   What are your reasons?  When faced with something that stretches you, what do you do?

     Lately, I haven't been able to say "NO!" no matter how badly I want to scream it.  I've realized that the idea that someone else truly thinks me capable is encouraging and that has helped me to step out of my comfort zone

     Although the stretching can be really also feels pretty good... afterwards... especially when you succeed at something new.  

Believing in yourself is so very important therefore we should take care to surround ourselves with others who believe in us.

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  1. So makes life becomes a lot more fruitful when we surround ourselves with positive people who are encouragers and not nay-sayers. Great post. I think most people have a lot more potential than they think themselves capable of...that it's our mind's trap that snares our confidence, trips our sense of security and keeps us from acheiving even greater things.
    I think it's so great that you are stepping out of your comfort zones...that's very inspiring :)


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