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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finding Peace

     I woke up suddenly this morning with a dream that disturbed me, not in a really bad way, it just had my attention.  I couldn't go back to sleep.  This was one I needed to take to God... it's the only way I'd have peace.  I got up and thought I'll read my Bible "that'll settle my mind" but it wouldn't do... I needed to go straight to God in prayer... but how do I go there?  

     I opened my media player and picked a few songs to help me enter into an atmosphere of prayer and as the first song began to play my heart broke.  The tears just began to flow and all I could cry out was "God I don't know what to do!"  As I reached out to God the music continued playing then "The Heart of Worship" came on and I realized my spirit had found peace.  It has been my song for today.

If you need peace or just need to enter into his presence listen to this and spend this time calling out to God... he hears you.

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