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Monday, March 21, 2011

Come and Sit

There is just a peace when I look at this picture.  I can hear the water rushing under the swinging bridge as I stand there waiting for it to become still enough to catch this snapshot.  I remember feeling so alone on the bridge and a little scared to be honest.  Though many others have been across this bridge it's scary for me.  My heart is up in my throat and I can only take a few steps at a time and I must be very careful where I step.  If I don't step carefully the bridge will move and shift more under my feet and my footing will become even more unsteady.  And yet, in the midst of shifting footing and building fear... I find a place of peace.  Here I sit, snap my picture and enjoy this moment.  God is with me, he always has been and always will be. No matter whats going on in my life, what turmoil, what stresses, ... it's come to pass... just like the waters flowing beneath my feet.  He's given me this reminder, there is peace in his presence.  He only asks that I take the time to come and sit with him.

Will you sit with him today?

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