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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Movie Theater Sermon

     I never expected to hear a sermon at the movie theater but God works in mysterious ways.

     The story line is familiar with warring sides who don't like each other because..... well.... you're the wrong color and you live in the wrong yard.... and well..... that's just the way it's always been.  

     So they compete against each other until graffiti causes someone to go to far.  Now we are in an all out war to cause as much pain to the other side as possible.  Does the pain and injury intended go beyond the "wrong" believed to have been done? Yep... of course it does.  When the other side is an annoyance to you just because they breathe the same air you do.... you got issues.

     So the son of one clan and the daughter of another meet under the perfect conditions.  Their background is hidden, their identity as "enemies" is masked, their color and clan cannot be seen.  So now, with all that out of the way, all the obstacles to truly getting to know someone removed... they can begin to fall in love with the "heart" they are beginning to recognize.

But then "others" intervene and everything that was once hidden is now known.  Now they must decide to hold on to the old and comfortable life of hatred that they'd been immersed in or hold on to the "new" and changing life with a love in it that you couldn't explain.

What will you do?  Are you going to go back to the environment, to the people, to the places that have done all they can do to destroy you and your love?  

     Or are you going to decide that enough is enough, the excuses for "hatred" and betrayal are no longer accepted?  The mouths of discouragement and destruction will no longer have the right to speak into your life.  

The lesson from the movie is this:  

Don't let the hatred of others destroy your Love

1 awesome comments:

  1. I won't! I won't let anyone destroy my love.

    In the beginning stages of my dating relationship with my husband, my mother tried. She would say things or disagree with the way my husband did things to the point I almost broke up with him because of her--I wanted to please her.

    I'm glad I didn't listen. My husband and I are going on our 17th year of marriage. He's actually become her favorite son in-law (the other guy is way worse and do even get me started on my sister-in-law--my mother's daughter-in-law).


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