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Friday, May 6, 2011

Let Me Bring You Glory

     It’s so easy to get caught up in the worries of life, all the day to day mundane and not really “see” the glory of God.  Our lives become so complicated with worries and fears, deadlines and expectations, as well as our own goals and plans.  So when we hear “stop and smell the roses” we either see it as a luxury we really don’t have or a lazy man’s excuse to do nothing.

     And yet, are we truly walking out wisdom, and are we truly walking out stewardship when we can’t stop our “busy” lives long enough to really recognize how Awesome The Almighty God is?

     Lately my eyes have been opening to the awesomeness of God.  Honestly, I think my statement is crazy….. and yet….. it’s true.  Our family has had such an extremely hard time for the last several years.  Each time we think we’ve hit bottom and it can’t get any worse… it has.  So for me it’s been a struggle much of the time to “see” Him the way I should.  He’s done so very much for my family and I.  He’s watched over us and kept us safe.  He’s provided when we were in need, he’s ministered to us when we didn’t have the strength to ask for help.  And yet, it’s as if we get amnesia, we forget all he’s done in the past.  It’s crazy!

     Right now we’re on a mini-vacation paid for by my in-laws.  Everything is paid for and we have not because we ask not.  Because of this,  I’ve had the time made available to me to just rest, to stop and take a look around and “see” what I’ve been ignoring…. what I’ve been incapable of getting but glimpses of.

     I don’t know when I’ve ever actually enjoyed the peace I’m enjoying right now.  It’s funny, it’s as if All of Nature knows I’m paying attention.  The creatures are coming out as if not afraid and proudly displaying all their colors.  The birds are singing and some of them are actually prancing about in the yard as if walking the red carpet!

     The ocean waves seem to be pounding out the rhythm to a symphony I’ve not paid attention to for quite some time.  I have heard this music before just not as clear as I’m hearing it today.  I heard it the last time I truly rested.  I heard it the last time I chose to set aside the striving,  the worrying, the fears of the future, the concerns over how problems were going to be worked out, about where we would go from here.  I’ve needed this peace for so very long. 

     I’m so thankful for this mini-vacation.  It took me out of my environment and placed me in one where God could clearly show me how he felt about us.  The trees and plants in all their regalia are a living sign post to us of our creator.  The clouds and stars are his sky written love letter to us.  He has told us to go learn of the ant who teaches us unity of purpose.  The butterflies show us the beauty of His design.  The cactus growing in the driest of deserts shows us the durability of his WORD.  Even in the most inhospitable of landscapes HE only needs the seed to land on one piece of good soil to grow and last. 

     Lord, let me be that ONE piece of good soil in an inhospitable landscape.  Plant your seed in me and help me grow.  I want to bring you glory!

1 awesome comments:

  1. There is so much to share.
    So many seek peace and living care.
    Need guidance beyond the human mind.
    Faith and peace in His Word we find.


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