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Monday, May 16, 2011


"In this era of wartime, 
shrapnel is very likely the single best man killer."

     Bombs blow up and shrapnel is expelled.  They blow and the explosion creates even more shrapnel from the destruction in the environment than what was actually packaged in the bomb.  No one is immune to a bombs effect.  Once shrapnel has entered the body a physician is necessary.  They x-ray so they can know exactly where all the shrapnel is this way they know what can safely be removed. What they also look at is where any shrapnel may be.  It may be to close to blood vessels, to organs or to the spinal cord and must be left alone until it comes closer to the surface.

This is but a little picture of each and everyone of us.  

     We have lived and grown up in a "war zone," maybe not physically having to deal with suicide bombers and the like but a war zone none the less.  Others have come into our lives and set off bombs for their own pleasure or to feed their own "issues" or anger. Others, devoid of any hope, have detonated their own lives in our presence and we've been left to attempt to survive.  The closer we were to the explosions the more shrapnel we have but God is our physician. He's done our x-rays.  He knows where the mental, emotional, and spiritual shrapnel is.  When you gave him permission, he removed as much of the shrapnel from you as he could without paralyzing or killing you.... but there is more inside. 

     There are problems, issues, hurts and hang-ups you have.  Each one of them is a piece of shrapnel that was hurled into your life. God knows where every piece is and where they need to "move" to before He can go back in and remove a little bit more.  Don't let the fact that you seem to keep dealing with the same  things over and over again keep you from going back to the Great Physician.  It's time we understand the difference between a miracle and a healing. 

Miracles are God instantaneously intervening in human affairs. 

     For example, a drunk man asking God into his heart and being made instantly sober, a cocaine addict asking God to remove his addiction and instantly losing any desire for drugs.  

     Healing, on the other hand, takes time. The area of injury can be painful or sore, it can turn all sorts of colors, sometimes it can swell with infection. When you're dealing with injury, you need "medical attention." You will not get the medical attention you need if you run away from the very people that God has placed in your life to help you, to intercede for you and to bring you to him.  

     Let God, the Great Physician, see you.  Let Him set the right "team" around you.  The healing process can be painful and you will have many more "surgeries" to come as more "shrapnel" comes to the surface... but
the end result is wholeness.  Don't make the decision that because you've not had a "miracle" that a "healing" is not worth it because the end result is the same.  Wholeness, nothing missing, nothing broken.

     Personally, I was getting frustrated with myself over the fact I felt that God had dealt with some "issues" in my life and therefore I shouldn't be coming back to these same "issues" again.  If God took care of them then it must be MY fault they were back.  There was such condemnation with that thought.  

God, how can I come back to you over and over again 
for what seems like the same thing?  

     Then God had me ministering to another person who was in that same place. As I spoke to them God spoke to me of shrapnel and gave me the words to speak.  When God deals with us, so many times there is only so far that He can go, there is only so much that we'll let Him touch.  He knows that there are some hurts and injuries that are so deep within us that only time and the ministry of the Holy Spirit can bring them close enough to the surface that we'll let Him heal them.  So it's ok, when I come back around and find myself seemingly walking the same path I did before and feeling those "hurts" all over again..... it's time to say 

"Thank you God for bringing this up where you can deal with it.  God I give this to you.  Please remove this piece of shrapnel from me so that it can no longer harm me.  Holy Spirit I ask you to minister to me and bring me to a place of willingness so that the rest can be removed and I can become whole."

2 awesome comments:

  1. Wow.This was such a great post with so much encouraging in it.It was ironic I read this today because I just wrote a post that had a similar line as yours in it about miracles beign instantaneous and healings a slower process.We need to keep coming back to God and have patience through the storms.HE can only touch what we allow him too...thank you for sharing.


  2. U r not denying Christ. So beautiful. I want to lean into God too! Thx for sharing w us. Keep on.


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