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Friday, June 24, 2011

How TaeKwonDo Encourages my Christian Walk

Tenets of TaeKwonDo

a. etiquette
b. modesty
c. perseverance
d. self control
e. indomitable spirit

     For the last four years I've watched my kids grow through TaeKwonDo.  They've gone from white belts that had no martial arts background to First degree black belts.  They've grown immeasurably in their physical abilities, their confidence in themselves, and their leadership skills just to name a few.

     While they've been taking TKD and moving up through the ranks I've been on the sidelines cheering them on, pushing them when necessary and encouraging them when they've faltered or feared.  And yet, hearing the Tenets of TaeKwonDo over and over again.... I've begun to realize that there is so much more to what they are saying and learning.

The Tenets
Etiquette - is so much more than using the right utensils and putting a napkin in your lap and saying please and thank you... it is a code of behavior that is above the "norm."

Modesty - is so much more than
dressing in a way that leaves room for imagination... it is an attitude of honor and respect for ourselves and others that shows up in the way we dress, the way we groom ourselves, in the language we use and the way we behave.

Perseverance - is so very much more than continuing to fight through a tough time in your life.... it is continuing to fight to achieve something in spite of all the failures, hardships and even the opposition to what you're fighting for.

Self Control - is so much more than controlling your anger... it is exercising restraint and discipline in every area of your life so that you live a life of stability and balance.

Indomitable Spirit - it is more than a person of very strong character who won't give up... it is someone that refuses to be subdued or overcome, someone that refuses to be conquered, refuses to be beaten... not just by a physical opponent but by situations, obstacles and problems that come their way, even those that seem insurmountable. 

In just these five tenets I find God dealing with me... 

Lord God make me into someone whom others can see lives a life by these tenets.

2 awesome comments:

  1. What great tenets to have God deal with you in. Thanks for sharing them Patricia.

  2. Nice personal blog. :)
    Also, you have wonderful sharing.
    Anyway, I'm visiting your blog from your Bloggers' profile.


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