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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maker of the Universe

Sometimes we need a reminder that there is a God 
and that he knows AND cares that we exist.
He says that all of nature cries out that there is a God.... 
all we need to do is open our eyes.
So I would like to give you something to think about.  
Each and every one of the photo's that will follow were shot by myself, my spouse or my kids.

I watched as this cloud formation formed 
and was totally blown away.

The grace and beauty of this bird caught in flight with wings outstretched and head lowered  reminds me of Christ on the cross arms outstretched and head lowered as he died for our sins 
so we could live free.

Ok, so I don't want to put any ideas in your head but
I can't help but laugh when I look at this picture.
You tell me what you see then I'll tell what I see.... deal?

This was another cloud formation I watched form as it reminded me so clearly of Devils Tower National Monument.

This is a photo of an evening primrose my daughter shot.
This flower does not flower during the day but waits till dark after the sun goes down.  Without patience you'll never get the chance to see this beauty bloom before your eyes. 

I captured this shot myself, while driving through an intersection.
(I know, dangerous!)  In case you weren't sure, 
he has his eye on you!

My husband snapped this picture with his cell phone camera.
Again, I don't want to put  ideas in your head so...
you tell me what you see and I'll reciprocate, deal?

Be Blessed Today To See God's Hand In The World Around You.

4 awesome comments:

  1. Photo #3 - Horse with head down blowing smoke from his nostrils.
    Last photo - Two faces. One on right 1/2 face with eyes open. Left larger face with eyes closed.

    Did I win? Alaine

  2. LOL.....I'll have to look at #3 again... I see what looks like Pluto standing upright. As to the last photo, the first time I looked at it I saw exactly what you see. Ck it out again and see if they don't multiply!

    Yes, you win!!!! lol ... because you looked without preconceived notions.

  3. ok - last photo. What I thought was 2 faces -- I have now found 5.
    Photo #3 - I still don't see Pluto, but look at the front leading cloud and you will see a horses head pointing down with smoke coming out of his nostril.

  4. Yeah !!!! You got it !!!

    On #3 I think I've seen Pluto for so long I can't see anything else. lol


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