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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Voice or an Echo?

How do you see yourself? 

     Are you someone that seems to speak new and amazing "revelations" and touch the lives of others or are you the one that echoes the words spoken wishing you could have come up with them? 

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     I sense that a lot of people feel like they are only an echo, they have nothing unique to "give" so they repeat the nuggets of wisdom they hear. They point others to the beauty displayed by another.... and feel valueless. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an echo. *If there is something that is worth saying then it is definitely worth REPEATING and repeating and repeating

What I'd like to do is speak to those who feel that ALL they are is an echo.

You've believed a lie!
You are unique, 
you have great value 
and you DO have something to say that is worth listening too... 
you are so much more than JUST an echo!

Each and everyone of us during our lives will be
both "the Voice" and "the Echo." We will have words of wisdom, revelation, and understanding and we'll repeat the wisdom, revelations and understanding revealed by others.  

     When you start to speak but think that it's not worth it because so many others can say it so much better... you need to remember that your voice in the life of another person may be the only voice they ever hear. What YOU'VE gone through, your mess, and how you came through it may become the guideposts for others to walk through their hard place.  But this can only happen if you're willing to see the value in what you have to say.  Don't be afraid to believe that your life, your choices, your mess can be valued and used to help others.

*I want to give credit where credit is due. This was inspired by Brian Houston (BrianCHouston) on Twitter when I read his tweet on June 22 "Should you be a voice or an echo? Why choose? If it's worth saying, say it, & if it's worth repeating, repeat it!"

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