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Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Can HE Do With You?

     In our life, past and present, there have been many things that have been said.  The positive words are good and wonderful but the things that seem to stay in our ears and resonate in our heads long after they were said are the negative words.  The statements of what you can't do, are not capable of or should never try because you'll only fail.  The words spoken from preconceived notions based on so many stupid things like:

  •      who your father or mother is and what they do OR what     they've done
  •      what family you've come from
  •      where you live and IN what you live 
  •      what socio-economic status you have
  •      whether you graduated high school or not
     And of course you also have statements based on greed, envy, and jealousy usually from people who the last thing they want for you is for you to succeed.  They'll speak into your life lies based on their own desires against you.  Then come also the words that are usually spoken based out of anger and frustration.... such as.... "you're just like your no-good father."  Whatever the words, where ever they've come from, whomever has spoken or is speaking them..... it's time to decide that there are certain things we just refuse to listen to anymore.  There are certain people who no longer have the right to "traffic" in our "circle" anymore.  These are the people who are like crabs in a bucket.  As soon as you begin to come to a realization that there may be some things that you've been lied to about they come to reinforce the lies.  As soon as you begin to realize you may have more potential than you've been told or than you ever believed they come to let you know you'll never amount to anything.  As soon as you begin to believe that there is more that you are capable of they come to let you know you're not capable of being anything but a failure.  They come to pull you down.  They can't let anyone get "free."    It's time to "burn" those leeches off before they drain all the life out of you.

     You will never know what you are capable of unless you try. You will never know what the boundaries of your abilities and talents are unless you step out and use them.  You'll never know what God can really do with you and how he can use you until you let him.  So maybe right now is a good time for Spring Cleaning. It's time to
start sweeping up the garbage.  The words of defeat need to go. The words of inability and lack of accomplishment need to get shredded.  The thoughts of worthlessness need to be taken captive and executed.  

There is no mercy here for death dealers !

     If your words are arrows and slings meant to harm, maim or destroy me then it's time you talked to the HANDs.  Not my hands, not our hands but the HANDs of Christ.  If others don't think you're capable of stepping up and doing something new, something that stretches you, then they may need a new introduction to those Nail Scarred Hands.  But as for you, those hands will lead you in all righteousness.  Will you follow them?  Will you be willing to step up and say 

"Father, use me."

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