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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Into The Silence

     Being raised in the church, being taught God's word from the time I could babble and growing up with a relationship with God from a very young age... I've had the opportunity and privilege many times to hear the voice of God.  I've known his presence, I've heard his voice and I've felt his leading.  He's taught me His ways, he's proven his love for me... but there comes a time of silence in every relationship.  

     This silence is hardest on the one whose confidence in the relationship is least. This silence makes many doubt the strength of their relationship.  Silence makes people uncomfortable and self-conscious.  It brings out the hidden fears.  Why are they silent? Why won't they talk to me?  Do they still love me?  Are they going to leave me?  Have I done something wrong?  Have they found someone else?  Where are you at right now?  Are you in a season of silence?  Have you walked with God for years and yet feel that God is not talking to you right now?  Do you find yourself wondering why He is no longer speaking to you?  Wondering, Lord, have I done something wrong?  Have you left me?  Lord, do you still love me?

It's ok, you can walk into the silence without fear.

     You can walk into the silence without doubt.  No...He has not left you.  He has not walked away from you.  He still loves you and he always will.  It's time for you to trust in His leading, trust in the relationship you've had with him, trust in the wisdom and guidance he's already given.  In fact, it's time to deepen your relationship Him... it's time to go to a new level of intimacy.  

The beauty of your relationship with God 
is found in your ability to trust him.

     I want you to consider the fact that your life is a dance and for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior... He is now your partner.  He has lead you in every dance since He became your partner.  He has lead you no matter what music was played.  As you have danced with him you've stumbled, you've made mistakes and you've fallen.  Every woman who has ever danced close with a man knows this well.  As she fights for control, fights to lead the dance... she stumbles, she even falls... and this is the way the dance continues until she learns to trust the leading to her partner.  Over time she will learn to allow him to lead.  As their relationship deepens she will learn that He doesn't need to speak, she can follow his silent cues.  With a gentle nudge she'll feel his leading... "it's time to move left, now right, step forward, now back."  As she trusts their relationship, as she trust HIM and allows him to lead she seems to glide effortlessly over the floor.  Those watching are amazed at the beauty of their dance as they in unity flow together.  

This is a vision of our relationship with God.  

     As you are walking into the silence know and understand that He is still your partner.  He has never left you and you're not alone on the dance floor.  He is waiting for you to trust in your relationship with Him.  He is waiting for you to give him permission to wrap his arms around you and pull you close.  He wants to hold you close and show you how much He loves you.  If you will trust his guiding, if you will give him control of the dance... if you will trust in his ability to lead you and wait attentively for His silent cues...moving with Him as he gently nudges... YOU will realize the depth and true intimacy of your relationship and the beauty of your dance with God will shine through for all to see.

2 awesome comments:

  1. Patricia ~ I love the analogy of our growing relationship with Jesus as learning to dance well, following our partner's lead. You're right, it's clumsy at first. We fight it. But once we take the plunge and see the difference surrendering makes, there is no going back.


    Candy Troutman

  2. Amen Candy ! There is no going back when you realize the peace there is in that surrender.


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