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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Isn't it interesting how two people can look at the same thing 
and walk away describing it so differently?

     This is literally what has been happening to me lately.  I've been seeing the most amazing scenery and sky views.  But it's strange, none of my family, nor even my camera have been able to capture what I've been seeing.  It was driving me nuts!  At least the camera ought to capture what I saw!  I couldn't understand why my family had such a lackadaisical and apathetic attitude towards the amazing beauty right in front of them.  They could walk out the front door and just be blown away by God's handiwork.

I mean, it's amazing isn't it ?  


The colors are so vibrant and rich !      

But they didn't see it like that ! 
You see, 
the picture they
saw when they
walked out the
front door was
this  ---------------->

They saw dark, dull and dry. 
I saw vibrant colors and beauty.

They saw a mess that needed cleaned up
but I saw something to glorify God for.

They saw the ground covered in death and...
I saw unbelievable beauty as the ground was carpeted in dazzling color and life.                                                                                                                                                                 

Why the difference???

     Well, it's simple.... the harshness of direct sunlight is too much for my eyes.  Direct sunlight many times can make it hard for me to see because I'm squinting my eyes so badly.  It causes me eye pain and headaches.  Without sunglasses to look through during the daytime I would just rather stay hidden away not wanting to come out.  My sunglasses are filters for my eyes.  They filter the light so that I can stand to be in the sun.  

In the process of filtering the light they change the way I see.

     It's so hard to look on the world around us.  It's painful to see teenage unwed pregnant moms.  It's heart wrenching to see little toddlers running the streets.  It's frustrating to hear of more fighting, violence and death.  It's depressing to see things "morally depraved" proudly displayed.  It's distracting to see the mess all around us and the lives careening out of control.  It can be faith shattering to see a loved one sick and dying.  It can be doubt building to watch the bills mount up.  It can be emotionally devastating to watch a relationship being destroyed.  But God didn't mean for us to look at all of this without His filter.  

God's word IS our filter.  

     We need it's influence in our lives daily.  The harshness of standing in God's direct Son-light and seeing the depravity of humanity as well as ourselves is too much to bear.  God gave us a filter, a set of Son-glasses as it were to look through.  God's Son, His Word, was given to us to filter what we see and hear.  

God's Word will change the way you see your environment.

God's Word will change the way you see others.

God's Word will change the way you see YOU.

Where are your Son-glasses?

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