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Friday, November 4, 2011

Who Do You Agree With?

     As I was looking through some old pictures of the kids this one picture just caught my attention and held it.  God started speaking to me so plainly that it was time to get out of my box.  It's time I stop letting it confine and define who I am.  It's time I get on my hands and knees if necessary and crawl out into freedom and into God's truth that he has spoke about me.  

     That box represents the confines of what other people have said about me through out my life, the lack of expectation of purpose and meaning for my life and what I do, the lack of celebration for my very existence.  I've been told I was a failure, that I never finish anything I start, that I had nothing of value to say and no one would listen to me.  I just needed to sit down and shut up, you may be a follower but you're not a leader, maybe you can sing but there's nothing else you're good at and anyway, there are others that can do everything better than you.  Then God brought back to my remembrance something I had just said to my husband.  I had ask him
What happened, when did I become someone to listen to? 

And I realized...
Even though it started with others not believing in me...
Even though others limited me in their thoughts, words and actions...
Even though others put boundaries on what I could do...

I'm the one that agreed with them...
I'm the one who stopped living to her God given potential.
I'm the one that stayed God's hand.  
I'm the one that said "Don't you know you can't use me like that?"

So who are you in agreement with?

     Some of you reading this may feel an urging to "do" something that seems so out of the ordinary to those you talk to.  Maybe those you talk to about it tell you how it can't be done or maybe it's that YOU don't have what it takes to do it.  You need to ask yourself who you're listening to.  Do you keep company with people that only tolerate you?  Or do you keep company with those that celebrate you?  When you are in the right company with those who celebrate you for who God made you to be, with those that encourage you in the things of God, you will find they help you tear down those walls and come crawling out of that box you've been in.... crawling on hands and knees beside you deep in prayer for you if necessary.  

It's time to break agreements that don't line up with the word of God.

     There is a freedom that God wants you to walk in.  A belief in who He made you to be that he wants you to hold onto.  He says that through him you can do ALL things.  With God you can do EVERYTHING he wants you to do.  There is nothing that God has called you to do that He has not already set the provisions in place for.  There is nothing He wants you to do that He will not give you the wisdom and understanding to complete.  There is no where that God wants to send you that his spirit will not be with you.  There is a joy he desires so much to see spring up inside of you and overflow onto others ..and it will if you will just ...come out of the box.  

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