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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Don't Make Me Call Security

     Friendship and relationships are considered to many to be basic conversations on basic topics, things that you would have learned growing up.  Sadly though, because many consider it to not be an important topic it gets pushed to the back burner so we can talk about more important things.  So now, we are surrounded by people that really don't get or understand relationships/friendships in the right way... and maybe you're one of them.  It's ok.  Sometimes we just need a trusted friend to sit down and privately talk to us without judgement and pass on pointers or just a little wisdom.  I hope that's how you'll feel as you listen to my conversation on friendship.

     This is my first attempt at an audio post and I haven't figured out how to embed it yet so here's the link.          Don't Make Me Call Security   enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Introducing Author Sheri Powell

As you well know, menopause is a milestone in a woman's life.  No one knows from woman to woman how they will be affected by it.  This year, thousands of women (and their families) will question "What in the world is going on!" due to attitudes, lack of "drive", depression, memory issue, hot flashes and/or mood swings (just to name a few). It would be nice if there was someway we could just jump over this milestone and all the craziness that seems to come with it (for some) and not have to worry about it... but for most of us.. that is just a pipe dream. 

We don't really need another book or another author telling us what we can do (like more exercise) or what we can take, like another pill or medication.  We need a friend whose been through it or who is walking through it themselves who understands how we feel.  We need someone that won't just tell us that we have to deal with it and it'll eventually be over.  That's why I'd like to introduce to you the author Sheri Powell.  She has written a special book on menopause called Pausing With God.  It's not filled with medical advice or terminology... no, it's filled with common sense conversation from one friend to another about walking through this thing called menopause...with God.  Below are videos of an interview with her about the book and menopause.  I have not yet had the privilege of interviewing her but that will come.  Enjoy! 

Website - Pausing With God
Twitter - @PausingWithGod

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