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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Enough with the Pain and Suffering, Right?

“Thankfully, I have been thru this before.”

     Most of the last four weeks have been filled with a lot of physical pain for me.  I’ve had to find a way to deal with the pain without letting it take over my thoughts and become what I centered on.  I’m not new to this kind of pain, thankfully, I have been through this before.  I’ve been down this road and I know many of its twists, turns and pitfalls.  I’ve had previous experiences to help me so when this didn’t pass as quickly as the last time I didn’t become consumed with the pain. 

     But is physical pain the only pain we deal with? No.  We also deal with mental/psychological pain.  Throughout our lives we’ll deal with many kinds of pain and suffering… the loss of a loved one, illnesses in ones body, sometimes suffering the consequences of our previous actions or the actions of others… mental suffering from guilt, condemnation or anguish. 

Over the years I’ve heard many ask… Why?

     The youngest of my sons just recently showed me a poster he wanted to talk to me about.  The poster begins with a person carrying a heavy cross and you can see in the background many others doing the same.  In the second section you see the main character asking God to make his cross smaller… to cut it down because it’s just too heavy to carry.  And
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