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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Take NO for an Answer

     There is something so totally stubborn inside of each and everyone of us that loves to hear a hero or heroine shout out loud... I won't take NO for an answer!!  We raise our fists and shout YES!.. That's it, tell them right!...  Make them give it to you!  It's as if somehow the word NO is an evil that needs to be vanquished.  As children we remember the smack on the back of our hands or across our fanny and the NO that accompanied it as we reached for something we wanted but couldn't have.  This stays with us as we get older.  There are things that we want to do, places we want to go, stuff we want to have but we hear the word NO and we squirm at the sound of it and we fight.  As we grow up and get out on our own we may attempt to do those things we couldn't before.  Sometimes we go to those places we couldn't go to before.  We acclaim our victory over the word NO because now we have the freedom to make the decision ourselves and no one can tell us NO anymore.  That works for a little while till we painfully realize that we only traded our life under our parents for life under a society and government .... under a universe that still has rules.  We can still be told NO..... and we continue to fight it.   

     What is it about that word that makes us feel that person who says NO to us is only trying to control us, be mean to us, not let us have or do anything?
What is it about that word that makes us feel that the person telling us NO is rejecting us?  What makes us think that NO means we are not loved?

     It's a sad state of affairs that this mentality pervades our relationships but worst of all that it seeps into our relationship with God.  Somehow, in spite of all that God has done for us, we can still question His love when instead of saying yes HE says no.

     Sad to say but I've been through this many times in my life.  There have been hard times when even though I love God with all my heart I've questioned HIS love for me.  Even though HE's watched over my family and myself and done so many amazing things in my life, I've questioned strongly why His answer was NO. There are some things that God has said NO to... that I still don't know the reason why, even years later.  Yet, there are others that I've come to understand that His NO was meant to save me great heartache and pain.  

     It's time we step back and understand things on a greater level. Just as we who are parents understand that children don't know what's best for them and we must protect them... God does the same for us.  HE knows our end from our beginning.  HE knows the dangers laid out before us and that we don't know or just don't want to see anything but the here and now.  All that HE has done has been for our well being.  HE has watched over and protected, He has led and guided... HE has shown us he should and can be trusted.  

     So maybe we need to consider.... especially when talking to God... that there's something just "right" in .... 
taking "No" for an answer.   

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