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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Perfect or Perfectly Broken?

     For most of this year I've felt like God placed on my heart ministry to the needs of women away from and not including what and when I blog.  I jumped on this so strongly and began to pull things together but as my heart broke for the women around me I began to go through struggles I was not ready for.  As the year moved forward I encountered many hardships from being blocked from ministry by one in leadership above me to financial and physical hardships.  

My foundations began to shake.

     I didn't stop believing in God and what he could do.  I've seen what God can do but I came to a place where I was no longer sure he would still do it for me.  Now I felt even worse.  How could God use someone like me?  I began to question if it even was God that put women's ministry on my heart.  How could it have been him? It had to have been only me.  God knows me and he knows me well, there is no way that he could have placed this on my heart knowing how imperfect and fallible I am.  How could I possibly minister to women when I'm so perfectly broken?

     But now I remember.... its not the perfect that God wants to use, (as if he could find anyone) but those who are perfectly broken.... those who know that only God can do it through them because they can't do what he's called them to do on their own. 

     I know that I'm perfectly broken therefore I'm a perfect candidate for God's use, how about you???

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