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Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Words of 2012

     As the last hours of 2012 tick away never to be seen again let us strive to allow our faults and failures of 2012 to also slip away.  

     Dust the past off our feet, wash it from our hearts and daily cleanse it from our minds.  Our future lies so plainly out in front of us but those failures and faults that we regret from the past will always  block our way if we let them.  We cannot go back, there is no way to relive it or change it.  We must ask forgiveness from those we've hurt or failed and then forgive ourselves.  From that point on it's time we live in the our "now" always looking into our future and leaving our past behind.

     2013 is going to be an amazing year.  It is so full of possibilities and potential.  All that is necessary to experience those possibilities is faith and a stout heart willing to step out and believe that...
All Things Are Possible!

May God Bless your New Year with amazing new adventures.

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