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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where's The Culture of Honor?

     About a year or so ago I was hearing a lot of pastor bashing.  It covered the gamut from local pastors to big time TV preachers and such.  I came home one night and because it was bothering me so much I just sat down and wrote to get everything out but I couldn't publish.  My attitude wasn't right.  I was righteously indignant but there was too much anger in it.  The post would have done more harm than good at that time.  I had to go back periodically and make a few changes.  Eventually I just left it alone but now I think is a good time to let it be heard.   But let me forewarn you... what you will read below is probably one of my most forceful posts.  It is not meant to offend anyone but is meant to get across the importance of the subject.


     I've been seeing something that really concerns me.  It's a tendency to take to the air with our opinions and such concerning "Christian Leaders."  Now I don't pretend to have some right or authority to speak to this issue other than the "righteous indignation" that has been set ablaze in my heart.  I know that what I'm about to say is strong and some will be offended but I can't be concerned right now about how others will react to this.  It's about time we bring back a culture of honor.

God's word says "TOUCH NOT MINE ANOINTED !"
     God ain't playing around when he says this.  It isn't up to us to decide whether someone is preaching or teaching under the anointing.  It's not up to us to decide if someone is hearing from God.
      If we don't like what somebody preaches... don't listen.  If we don't like what somebody writes.... don't read it.  

Are there some TV preachers and evangelists that I won't listen to?    Yes.
Are there some that I think are pompous?    Yes.
Do I think some of them may have the wrong motives?    Yes.
Are there some that may have forgotten who it is they serve?    Yes.

     But that doesn't give me the right to "touch God's Anointed" but that's exactly what we are doing when we start talking down about them.  God chooses whom he will use and how and just because the way someone preaches and teaches doesn't touch or minister to us doesn't mean that they are not being used by God.  It's time we stop telling others who they shouldn't listen to and start being an example of Christ.  He didn't walk around telling people who they shouldn't listen to... he stayed in communion with God and spoke his Word and people were drawn to his teaching.  This is what God desires of us.    

     It is not our place to tear down those in authority over the body of Christ.  God is the one that places those in authority and if they are leading God's people astray.... HE will take them down.  Do you not realize that HE is a jealous God?  He jealously guards his Children.  He says in His word that it is better for you to have a mill-stone tied around your neck and you be thrown into the sea than for you to lead one of the "little ones" astray.  He says you're better off dead !!! Did you hear that???   You're better off dead than you are to be alive and have lead one of his little children away from him.  This is from a Father.... The Father God... who loves His children more than we can ever imagine.   Will he NOT punish severely those who from a place of authority preach and teach a gospel that doesn't resemble His word?  What then do you think we call upon ourselves when we deem to decide who is His anointed and who is not?

     I'm not saying don't judge the "fruit" of their walk with God. We are to know them by their fruit.  But, we're not to decide what WE believe in our own opinions .... we are to measure and judge them by the ruler given us in scripture.   And as we measure and judge them by that ruler.... make sure with clear vision that you measure and judge yourself for what we speak into their lives..... we sow into ours.  When we put our mouths on those in authority over us we lay the ground work for those we are in authority over to do the same to us.

     Why would an "unsaved" person want the Christianity we have when they don't see any difference between themselves and us?  It has been said that Christians are the  only army that shoots it's wounded but I think the Christian army is the army with the highest rate of "friendly fire"... wounded or not.  You see, Christianity is about unconditional love and forgiveness.  It's about repentance and second chances.  It's about respect for authority and honor but we've made it something else.  We are willing to accept these things for ourselves and talk a good talk .... but when it comes to walking out what we talk... we often seem to enjoy refusing "God's grace and mercy" to others.  

     If what certain "Christian Leaders" in the church today are doing bothers you enough that you need to talk about it then let me advise you...Pray.  If leaders in your own church bother you enough in what they say and do... let me advise you again....Pray. Take that need to talk and talk to God.  Spend time in deep and continuous intercession for them.  This is the right place to take that conversation and the right One to talk to.

Lord, you said that the power of life and death are in the tongue.
God I pray right now that you would reveal how wicked and detrimental
the thoughtless, careless and opinionated words we speak are.
Reveal to us when the words we've spoken against your anointed have 
turned away those you placed in our path to minister to.  
Lord forgive us for the harm we've caused.

2 awesome comments:

  1. I totally agree with you. The Bible tells us severally not to go about slandering people (Titus 3:2 and Psalm 15:3). We should all depend on the counsel of The Holy Spirit and on His revelation of scripture to know who we should and should not listen to, and whether or not a particular doctrine or practice is right. On many occasions, the still-small-voice of The Holy Spirit has alerted me that what a preacher had said was not right.
    Instead of talking, it is best to pray about it and for them.

    I have finally implemented The Liebster Award rules. Thanks again.

  2. So glad to hear from you Nuru! This was a hard word to put out because so many people don't consider it slander. It's just their opinions but they voice them so loudly and in the ears of anyone within earshot. But their words can ruin the reputations of good and Godly men and turn others away from God.

    So great to hear you've implemented the Award rules. I'll be right over to check it out and see who YOU'VE decided to give it to.


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