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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's Not My JOB !

     Over the last 10 to 12 years that I've been raising my children and making them do chores, one of the most annoying things that my kids could ever say to me is...

It's not my job!

     It has driven me crazy!  This shirking of any responsibility unless it has been specifically written and detailed out.  And you see, with 5 kids to raise... I did specifically write it out.  They could go to where the chore cards were and figure out what was expected of them on any given day but I never expected them to think this was ALL that was expected of them.  NO... this was the least!  As a participating part of the team, the team we call our family, everyone needs to pull some weight.  Everyone needs to share in taking care of the needs of the family.  This teaches them more than responsibility, it teaches them to not expect everyone else to do for them and prepares them for life on their own... when everything WILL be their responsibility.  Understand, I love my children but when they leave the nest... I don't really want them coming back asking me to do their laundry because they still don't know how.  Nor do I want them to think mom is going to come to their home or apartment and cook and clean for them.  So, after having spent all the time I've spent working on them being responsible for the chores on their cards... I'm now having to re-teach them... or at least that's how it feels.  Teaching them that they need to go above that card, above what is written.      

     I's just crazy.... how can you see a mess or something that needs to be done and just walk around it expecting someone else to do it?  And yet, the kids aren't the only ones that do it, are they?  No, they aren't! They learn this very well from us.  How many times do we see something that needs to be done but we leave it to someone else to do because...
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It's not my job!

     I've seen this mentality in the church too.  It's one of the many reasons that pastors and lay leaders go through burn out.  There is a small percentage of members in any given church that take on any extra responsibilities.  They will come pray, cook for the elderly and shut-ins, participate in church clean up days  and such.  The rest seem to carry an "It's not my job!" mentality.  I understand that you never know just how much someone has on their plate and how over-run they are with obligations.  But I'm not talking about coming and giving a whole day to whatever the church or it's leaders need.  No, I'm again talking about the little things.... the trash in the parking lot, the water on the counter-top, the toilet that needs flushing, the bulletins left on the pews or chairs, the gum wrapper that didn't make it into the trash.  Why do we as grown-ups expect the kids to do any more than the bare minimum if they don't see us doing any more?

     We shouldn't have to ask ourselves  What Would Jesus Do?  We know the answer to that.  He would sacrifice of himself and his time and he would do what was right.  He would do what no one else would do.  We know this because this is exactly what Jesus did every day of his life.  He not only spoke to the leprous, he touched them.  He not only spoke with the vile and hated tax collectors but he ate with them.  He fed those who hadn't planned ahead and became hungry.  He didn't let people around him dictate to him what he would and wouldn't do.  If it was in the heart of God then Jesus did it.  If it wasn't in the heart of God then he didn't do it.

Why is it then that we see others in need of prayer and we hand them off to someone else?
... because It's not my job!

Why is it that we know someone who is in the hospital but we ask the pastor to go instead of going ourselves?
... because It's not my job!

Why do we see a family in need of money or clothes or household items and we have the ability to help but instead we ask the "church" to do what we could have easily done ourselves?
... because It's not my job!

This is a mentality that God wants us to get out of.  How do I know?  James 4:17 says -- 
"So then, if we do not do the good we know we should do, we are guilty of sin."     (Good News Version)

     I don't see how I could state it any better.  God knows how busy we are but most of what we do on a daily basis, most of our busyness has nothing to do with what God has called us to do but with what we have chosen to become involved in.  Therefore everything else has our care and attention.  It's so easy to just sit back and say I deserve a break, someone else will do it..... but I have a question for you...

What if Jesus had said.....
It's NOT my JOB!

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