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Friday, April 5, 2013

Also Be Thankful For Judas

     I know that being thankful for Judas sounds like an oxymoron. Thankful and Judas don't sound like two words that should ever be used in the same sentence.  I understand the feeling and yet I would like you to come with me today and explore some possibilities.

     Judas was one of the twelve disciples.  He was hand picked by Jesus to walk with him and experience Jesus ministry first hand. He was with the other disciples when Jesus gave them power against unclean spirits so that they could cast them out as well as the power to heal all manner of sickness and disease.  However, Judas Iscariot was a thief and the one who carried the money bag which according to John 12:6 he often was stealing from.

     Judas's problem was clearly that he was greedy, he loved money more than Jesus.  He was there when Jesus spoke and taught that no man can serve two masters.  He was there as Jesus explained the two masters as being God and money.  Money sometimes being defined as avarice and avarice being greed.  Though he walked with Jesus and saw all he did he did not let Jesus change his heart.  He stayed true to his greed to the point that the scripture says in Luke 22:3 that Satan entered the heart of Judas.  He then goes on to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.  All of this leads us to have a horrible view of Judas as the betrayer.

     However, Judas was only walking out the prophecies that had been given.  His betrayal of Jesus was in God's sovereign plan. Does that mean that Judas was not responsible for what he did? No, God didn't make him do anything.  It was already in his heart.  His greed overshadowed everything.  He walked with God almighty in the flesh and still chose to not have his heart changed.  But what if Judas had allowed his heart to be changed?  What if he had never betrayed him?  What if he had never sold Jesus out?  Then what?  You see, in the grand scheme of things... Judas had a very important part to play.  His betrayal didn't knock Jesus off the path that had been laid out before the foundation of the world.  No, Judas's betrayal propelled Jesus down the path towards his destiny...even Jesus knew this.  While sitting at the last supper Jesus told Judas "What you are about to do-do it quickly."  Jesus sent him on his way knowing that Judas HAD to betray him into the hands of the chief priests.  Jesus was destined to be falsely accused.  He was destined to be crucified.  Am I trying to say that we should celebrate what Judas did?  No, but maybe he shouldn't be held out as a man to be thought of more vile than any other.  Judas was a man held in the gripe of destiny.  Destined by his own greed to betray the Son of Man into the hands of those who would make sure he was crucified.

     Judas wasn't a man any worse than any man or woman that has ever walked this earth.  He wasn't worse than any of us.  Given the right circumstances and the right temptations -- we have likely ourselves already been Judas in someone else's life.  God wasn't surprised by what Judas did.  And he's not been surprised by what has happened in your life.  God is sovereign   He is in control. When "Judas" comes into your life...forgive him just like you want to be forgiven.  Then, do this one thing, thank God for your Judas .... because he may just keep you on the right path... the path towards God's plan in your life.

Your Judas may just propel YOU into YOUR destiny.  

2 awesome comments:

  1. I totally agree with your post sis. Well, Judas was just a mediator and only a temple.
    By the way, I also want to tell you that I have already posted your motivational sayings on my blog. Hope you check it out if you have time.

  2. Thank you Eve and I'll be checking out your site soon!


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