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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Taking In the View and Finding Insights Along the Way

     I've been home from my roadtrip to Pennsylvania for about a little over a week now.  I'm back, and things have still not slowed down!  In fact, things have gotten more hectic!  I just started week seven in my English and Health classes and also started week one in my New Testament Survey and Evangelism classes.  If I didn't just take time away from something else to sit here and write right now you'd still be waiting for my next post.  

     The trip I took was a LONG road trip to Pennsylvania.  This was a business trip for me but you won't hear anything about that here. I would like to share with you 10 insights I gathered along the way.

INSIGHT 1 - This is an example of the beautiful vista's we had a chance to watch pass by.  The mountains slowly swelling on both sides of us like waves on an ocean.  It was magnificent!  How many times have you taken a road trip and really looked at the wonder of God's creation?  Not concentrated so much on the road and the drivers but God's workmanship.  It's so easy to get caught up in the need for speed and jockeying for position on the road.  Getting to our destination becomes more important than the journey.  So if the journey isn't important then how we conduct the journey isn't important either, right?  But God cares!  Ultimately we are all on a journey towards a face to face meeting with God Almighty.  

HE is definitely interested in us getting to that destination 
but HOW we get there, our journey 
will have so very much to say about where our final destination is.  
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