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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Taking In the View and Finding Insights Along the Way

     I've been home from my roadtrip to Pennsylvania for about a little over a week now.  I'm back, and things have still not slowed down!  In fact, things have gotten more hectic!  I just started week seven in my English and Health classes and also started week one in my New Testament Survey and Evangelism classes.  If I didn't just take time away from something else to sit here and write right now you'd still be waiting for my next post.  

     The trip I took was a LONG road trip to Pennsylvania.  This was a business trip for me but you won't hear anything about that here. I would like to share with you 10 insights I gathered along the way.

INSIGHT 1 - This is an example of the beautiful vista's we had a chance to watch pass by.  The mountains slowly swelling on both sides of us like waves on an ocean.  It was magnificent!  How many times have you taken a road trip and really looked at the wonder of God's creation?  Not concentrated so much on the road and the drivers but God's workmanship.  It's so easy to get caught up in the need for speed and jockeying for position on the road.  Getting to our destination becomes more important than the journey.  So if the journey isn't important then how we conduct the journey isn't important either, right?  But God cares!  Ultimately we are all on a journey towards a face to face meeting with God Almighty.  

HE is definitely interested in us getting to that destination 
but HOW we get there, our journey 
will have so very much to say about where our final destination is.  

INSIGHT 2 - Our family right now has 7 of us living in less than 1,000 sq ft.  However, we are sitting on 5 acres of land so we have a yard to park our car(s) in and all the kids can be in our front yard without crowding anyone.  Where we stayed for the week they could cut the grass in the front yard in about 3 minutes with a weed eater and they have to parallel park on the side of the road in front of their house.  They also can't get a cross breeze unless they open the windows in the front and back of the house because there are no windows in the side of the house.  

In essence, we really shouldn't complain...
someone always has it harder or has less than you!

INSIGHT 3 - It is totally OK to just be crazy sometimes.  I mean, who says you can't wear two different nail colors?  And why do they say you can't?  Will the world come to a screeching halt if you do something off the wall?  I mean, who exactly is it that is being offended by it?  And are they the same people that tell me that I can't wear socks with my sandals?  I mean, don't they understand that sometimes I just want to and I don't have to have a reason?

Conformity for conformity sake will suck the life out of you...
it's ok to let your hair down, to do something nuts just because you want to...and she apparently ...just wanted to.  

INSIGHT 4 - In our life we will find that as we check out our rear view mirror there may be eyes looking back at us. Those eyes may be from those we've failed or hurt or walked away from or from those who have walked away from us.  Those faces, those eyes will beckon us to keep looking, to keep our eyes focused on the past, the things we regret or the things that hurt us.  However, rear view mirrors serve a specific purpose and when used according to their purpose they give great benefit to us.  Yet, when used incorrectly we will find ourselves only perpetuating the pain, guilt, regret and hurt of the past......  only this time, we'll add new on top of old.

Remember, we have rear view mirrors 
so as to look and see what is in our past.  
It's smaller than the windshield for a reason.  
We are not to focus on our past but on our future... 
and where the road ahead takes us.

INSIGHT 5 - The young lady whose legs are displayed here is 60 something.  As she proved to me you are never too old for fishnet stockings!  It doesn't matter that in the attempt to put some on I would rip them to shreds... I should try a pair anyway.  When it comes down to it ladies, as we grow older we tend to let the fact that gravity is continually trying to work things out of their proper places be enough to stop us from doing things that make us feel good about ourselves.  She borrowed these from her daughter and wore them under a full length dress so no one but the three of us knew she had them on but she did something that made her feel good about herself.

Too many times we wait for others to make us feel good about ourselves...
it's time WE gave ourselves a pep talk 
and told ourselves what we needed to hear.
It's not someone else's job to make you feel good about's your choice.

INSIGHT 6 - Just as this building reflects the world around it we must ask ourselves what it is that we reflect?  Are we a reflection of the world around us or are we a reflection of the God that is supposed to be living in us?  God wants us to reflect him to a dying world.  All the world sees is themselves and others like them.  It's normal for them to ridicule something different while around others.  But anything different they want to know more about.  The world knows that what they are doing doesn't work but all the reflections around them are the same.... but maybe in yours they see something new... something that looks better than theirs.

The world is looking for something different.
It yearns to see a reflection that is true.  Be that reflection.  
Be the reflection of the One True God in their lives.

INSIGHT 7 - No matter where you find yourself.  No matter how far away from civilization, from sanity, from all things "normal" you find yourself.... You can still find God there.  

In the remotest of wildernesses 
that your heart, mind & soul have traveled to, He is still there.  
No matter how far from His word, His will, and His path 
you think you have traveled... He is still there.

INSIGHT 8 - It's high time that we remember that we are super powered.  It has nothing to do with us really but instead the one inside of us.  You see, when you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior then God almighty came to live inside of you.  That is why the scripture says "Greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world." It's time we stop forgetting this!  It's time we stop walking around as beat up or beat down Christians just barely getting by till the next Sunday Bible Pep Talk we usually call sermons.  We have been called victorious! 

We've been made more than conquerors through Jesus Christ so maybe it's about time we stop conceding the fight!

INSIGHT 9 - Even super hero's need their rest.  Too many times we get our super powered selves so busy going and doing for God, ourselves and others.  We wonder why our relationships with others don't have the same "feeling" they used to have.  We wonder why we feel like we are moving a mile a minute and doing so much for others but not being appreciated.  And worst of all, we get that feeling that I'm "doing" all these things for God but HE is so far from me.  Problem is, we get so busy "doing" things for God and others that we don't take time for ourselves and more importantly....  we don't give GOD any of our time.  And that's sad.  

God cares more for the relationship we have with him...
the time we spend with him, in his presence...
in that place of intimacy with him... 
than about all the THINGS we DO for him.
So, take some time to just lay back in HIS arms and rest.

INSIGHT 10 - I've heard it said that someone can't see the forest for the trees however today I want you to look at it differently.  Sometimes we forget to focus on the individual trees because of the forest.  Think of the forest as the men, women and children of the church.  It's easy to overlook people, to walk right past them and ignore them because in the midst of all this "forest" of people surely someone else will see them, someone else will talk to them, someone else will give them a smile and say Hello.  We have too many forgotten and invisible people sitting in our pews every service.  People who don't know how to reach out and say "Would you  please be the one that sees me?"  Children who are begging for someone to speak life into them... the life the Bible speaks about.  People who are afraid that should they "fall," no one would hear the sound.  

God wants us to see not only the great 
and beautiful forests he made...
but also the uniqueness of each individual tree.

God desires that we see others as he does 
and remember NO ONE is invisible to HIM.

2 awesome comments:

  1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip. Indeed, it is good to take some time to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of God's creation, something that our busy and hectic schedules often robs us of.

  2. Thank you Nuru. Slowing down and remembering that God means for us to enjoy his creation is a blessing that many times we overlook.


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