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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Just Deal With It

     Lately I've been having memories of painful events and times in my life.  These memories have found their way back into my mind.  I've broken down crying without explanation just straight out of the blue.  These memories are ones that I didn't get or didn't take the time to deal with.  I pressed them down, corked them and set them aside. The only problem is that when I did that I set myself up for a time like this.  A time when there is nothing I can do to stop these memories from coming up.  I can't just push them down anymore because they won't go away.  

     In the midst of this (with some help) I've come to the realization that it's time to just deal with it. The emotions and the hurt that I've tried to hide from has found me and it's time for a confrontation.  Over time, as we don't deal with our hurts and hangups, we set up a domino effect and the effect grows. All it takes for us to blow up or break down is for the right trigger to be tapped.  

     If you, like me, have unhealed wounds, let me give you a word of advice.  Just Deal With It!  Deal with the emotions.  Deal with the hurts.  Deal with your hangups.  God has so much more for your life than for things in your past to always haunt you.  God can bring you healing.  That healing is going to start with forgiveness.  It's time to forgive yourself for the wrong things that you KNOW you've done as well as the wrong things you THINK you've done.  Are you a murderer?  Are you a liar?  Are you an adulterer?  Are you a thief?  God took a murderer of Christians named Saul and changed his heart...then he changed his name to Paul and sent him out to teach his Word.  All throughout the Bible you'll find imperfect, fallible men and women that God forgave and used.  If he can forgive them then he can and will do the same for you.

     Then it's time to forgive all those people that have done you wrong.  How long do you want to continue to carry them?  How long do you want their words to have an effect in your life?  How long do you want the choices that you make in life to be decided by what someone in your past has done to you?  It doesn't matter what is in your past.  I personally know people who have gone through some of the worst abuse possible... child sexual abuse, and rape.  Most people would expect them to be incapable of having a normal life and ever letting go of what was done to them.  However, they have overcome their past and God has helped them forgive their perpetrators.  They walk in the freedom that comes through forgiveness.  They no longer allow their past experiences to direct their attitudes, actions or future.  You can do the same.  You can let  it all go.  You can forgive.  With God you can let go of your past and start with a clean slate.  When you start with a clean slate, let those that have hurt you have the same.  Give them the same forgiveness that you want when you do wrong.  Give them the same forgiveness that you want when you say the worst things you could say.  Give them the same forgiveness that you want when you do the worst thing you could possibly do.  

Set yourself free by forgiving those who have done you wrong.

The time is now to Just Deal With It!

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