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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BUT GOD ...I Can't Dance !!!

What do you do when God has called you to teach kids ...

how to praise dance in the church...


 Well..... it's like this....ummmm...Ok God....

Really, I just have to laugh about the whole thing.  

     About 5 years ago, we had just left a big church that the kids had basically spent their life in up to that point.  Spiritually, they were disconnecting from everything, "church" and "God", so we had to do something.  

     We left and found a small church that seemed to fit.  It went through some changes while we were there like starting out as a small church in its own building to merging with another church. A year later the two churches split and it finally ended up as a church meeting in a hotel meeting room looking for a more permanent building.  
     As it went through its changes and variations we ended up at one point with a teen led dance group.  They did a lot of really good dances but the work to get a dance ready for every Sunday was grueling.  By the time we got to that last transformation of the church, the dance team was defunct as it's teen leader and their family were no longer there.

     Both my daughters had fallen in love with praise dance by this time and had come out of their shells. Praise dance is something that they had never had a chance to do before.  In the church they had just come from, praise dance was something basically only done by those who were taking ballet and they were not ballet girls. My youngest son was just beginning to get into dubstepping and now they had no outlet.

     I could see the desire in them to dance but no one felt let to step up.  My heart was being torn.  These kids were putting aside cartoons, tv time, video games and such to dance and work on choreography. I wanted God to do something!  

That's when I realized that it was strong on my heart because God was tugging on me to step up.  
BUT GOD... I Can't Dance !!!   

     Don't we all find ourselves in this kind of situation at one time or another?  There is a need that we see and it is burdening us so much ... but it is clearly outside of our "expertise."  So we beg and plead God to send someone to take care of "this important thing" only to have Him tell us... I'm sending you.  So we sit down and tell God every reason why there is no way that WE could possibly do it.  I mean, what on earth would make God think that a short overweight little white woman with no formal dance training could possibly teach these kids how to praise dance.  I mean, God needs to get real!  Doesn't He see how "closed in" my praise is???  Doesn't He see how little I express myself during praise even when I am extremely moved by it???

But that's when God just shakes His head and says to us, 


"You're going to tell ME what you can do???"

     And then I'd SWEAR, he just sits back and laughs.  He's not laughing at us though.  He's laughing because HE knows just how far we're gonna go when we start trusting HIM.

So, I started coaching praise dance.  

     When the Lord led us to another church, my daughters were immediately able to stand confidently in front of a new audience and dance for the glory of God with no fear.  My son blossomed in his dubstep style of dancing and found a new confidence.  

And, I...... well, I grew.  

     You see, I had to come out of MY OWN shell to get these kids out of theirs.  I had to be willing to make a fool of myself in front of them and show them that it was alright.  I had to show them that praise dance is not about perfect bodies dancing choreography in perfection.  It's about dancing to the best of your ability for the glory of God.  

In the end,  I came to realize that my cry to God really wasn't...

BUT GOD...I Can't Dance !!!

 my cry was...

BUT GOD... I can't do this....My body isn't perfect !!!

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