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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lay It Down

     There is something so inherent within us, so hidden in many ways, that even when we give our lives to Christ and grow and mature in him, we still have to root it out at times.  What I'm talking about is self-centeredness.  Even as we grow and mature in Christ, the need to look to your own wants and desires first is there.

     In my many years in the church and in ministry I have seen more than my share of examples of this. At first it starts off as simple concerns for yourself above others but as you grow and mature as a Christian it changes.  We think that we've dealt with and overcome this temptation and then God gives us a ministry.  This is when it begins to sneak back in.  Many a church has had issues with different ministries within it's walls because self-centeredness has crept in.

You may ask, how?  How do you see it creeping in?

I'm glad you ask!  
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     When God gives you a ministry/anointing, he gives it to you not for your edification but for the edification of the body.  If you bring that ministry/anointing into the local church then God expects you to submit it to the head of that body.  As Christ is the head of the church and we submit unto him, the pastor is the head of the local corporate body and Christ expects our submission to him concerning the corporate body.  

     This is why it's important not to hop from church to church hoping to find somewhere where they will let you do what you want.  It's important to truly find the local body of Christ where God wants you.  Bring  yourself into submission with the head of the corporate body and submit your ministry/anointing to the vision/mission of the church.  Then you can move forward in one accord and God's work cannot be stopped.

     Too many times though, this is not what we do.  We find ourselves a church that we think will let us do what we want.  We start our ministry there and then fight with the leadership because we want to do things our way.  We never come into unity because we are always calling it "my ministry." However, if you "have" a ministry, it is not yours... it has been given to you by God for a reason and that reason is not your glory.  God is a jealous God and will, if necessary, take it away.

     It's time we change our view on ministry and anointing.  As soon as you find yourself wishing that others would just get out of your way so you can do "your ministry".... lay it down.  Find your altar and ...lay it down.  Love and ministry and anointing are all things that are meant to flow through us to others.  Self-centeredness even in how a ministry is run can divert and contaminate what comes out of us. 

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