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Friday, January 23, 2015

Without Breaking the Silence

You'll never really know how golden silence is in the busy hustle and bustle of every day.  

It's those rare times when you truly find the noise gone, ...
the voices pushed away ...
and silence surrounds you, that you understand.  

Silence is a gift, 

an opportunity to just commune with God ... 

no detractors, no one demanding your time.... 

it's a settled peace.

Don't try to talk, just listen, settle in..., 
wrap that silence around you 
like a warm blanket on a winters night... 
as you allow yourself to become silenced too, 
something wonderful will happen.   

God will speak without ever breaking the silence.

2 awesome comments:

  1. I agree. I don't sit in silence enough, I try to, but something always comes up. I need to make it more of a priority.

    1. I think we all would do good to make it more of a priority.
      But there are times when, instead of sitting in silence, I play a playlist of music I call "When I Need Peace." The specific songs I play bring peace to my spirit no matter what I'm going through and prepare me for that silent time I need with God. I may not always be able to have that silent time but when my spirit is at peace that is when I most feel His leading.


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