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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Are You Being Asked to Make Changes? To Step Out in Faith?

     Have you ever thought what it must have been like for Abram when God spoke to him and told him to leave all he knew and go to a land that God would show him? 

     God told him to leave his father's household, his people and even his country.  God wanted to bless him and through him bless the whole world but to do so it was necessary that he be separated from all he was familiar with.

     Abram was to be breathed on by God and in the process not only would his name be changed but his destiny would be also.

     We kind of gloss over this part of his story and tend to go straight to what a man of faith he was to take his son up on a mountain and prepare to sacrifice him but his faith didn't start there.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spiritual Blindness: From the Pulpit to the Pew

Anyone that has paid attention in the last 30 years has heard or seen the issues that have made headlines in regards to pastors and their pulpits.  It seems we can't get through a few years without a man or women in places of leadership doing something that dishonors Christ's name.  Books have even been written explaining the pastoral culture issues, the symptoms and giving solutions.  I'll refer to one below and then we'll see how this is really an "everybody problem."

Paul Tripp, in his book Dangerous Calling Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry, says we have some major problems.
  • Pastors are letting their ministry define their identity
  • Pastors are letting their Biblical literacy and theological knowledge define their maturity
  • Pastors are confusing their ministry success with God's endorsement of their lifestyle

 So what are we seeing because of this?

Well, according to Tripp it's :

spiritual blindness, 
theological self-righteousness, 
dysfunctional personal relationships to the word of God, 
lack of personal gospel neediness, 
impatience with others, 
wrong perspectives on ministry, 
and no living communion with Christ.

So why are we seeing this in pastors?

According to Tripp, it's happening because:
  • Pastors are ignoring clear evidence of problems
  • Pastors are blind to issues of their own hearts
  • Pastors ministries are lacking in devotion
  • Pastors are not preaching the gospel to themselves
  • Pastors are not listening to the people closest to them
  • Pastors are living in silence with their own sinfulness

BUT... these are not just issues with pastors.  
These issues go from the pulpit to the pew!

Friday, February 5, 2016

3 Spring Cleaning Ideas To Help Your Blogging

Clutter has a negative effect.   You may not realize it but some of your clutter may be negatively effecting your blogging. 

Here are some places to deal with clutter:

  • Email 
  • Facebook  
  • Blogging space. 

As bloggers we deal with emails on a regular basis.  Over time we can begin to let things slide and end up having a bigger mountain than we desire to deal with.  If you use Facebook the clutter there can hinder your productivity and suck precious time with parasitic time wasters.  Your "Blogging Space" is an important space whether it's a desk in a separate room, a table in the family dining room, a spot on the living room couch or even a little corner closet.  As you organize your thoughts for the post(s) you're writing it's highly beneficial that you have some organization to your space too.

Spring Clean your Email
Over the years of blogging you have probably subscribed to a number of sites that you no longer pay attention to.  Take some time to revisit the newsletters and posts evaluating their value to you at this time.  Purge anything that is just taking up space.  

Remember all those sites,

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Can I Take A Break From My Blog ?

This is a question that many bloggers ask.  

Will I lose followers?  Will my readership go down?  Will taking a break hurt me in the long run?  

Maybe you will lose followers and readership but what's more important is why you're thinking about taking a break.

As bloggers, we have to remember that we have a life outside of our internet persona.  This is sometimes hard to remember because the "Blogging Guru's" drill the message in that you must keep consistently blogging multiple times weekly in order to be and stay successful.  When you have no inspiration you are advised to curate content.  This means searching the internet for content from another site to share on yours.  You don't steal it or plagiarize it.  You bring something to your audience that they don't have to search for that you believe is of value to them.  This helps with search engine optimization and it connects you with other bloggers and website owners.  This is all well and good and there is nothing wrong with curating content however, this doesn't apply to every blogger.  So, if you don't curate content then maybe you can have a guest blogger or search the internet for other possibilities.

Before jumping on the bandwagon of common advice within the blogging community, take the time to ask yourself some questions.
  • Why am I blogging?  What is my purpose? What am I doing this for?
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