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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Can I Take A Break From My Blog ?

This is a question that many bloggers ask.  

Will I lose followers?  Will my readership go down?  Will taking a break hurt me in the long run?  

Maybe you will lose followers and readership but what's more important is why you're thinking about taking a break.

As bloggers, we have to remember that we have a life outside of our internet persona.  This is sometimes hard to remember because the "Blogging Guru's" drill the message in that you must keep consistently blogging multiple times weekly in order to be and stay successful.  When you have no inspiration you are advised to curate content.  This means searching the internet for content from another site to share on yours.  You don't steal it or plagiarize it.  You bring something to your audience that they don't have to search for that you believe is of value to them.  This helps with search engine optimization and it connects you with other bloggers and website owners.  This is all well and good and there is nothing wrong with curating content however, this doesn't apply to every blogger.  So, if you don't curate content then maybe you can have a guest blogger or search the internet for other possibilities.

Before jumping on the bandwagon of common advice within the blogging community, take the time to ask yourself some questions.
  • Why am I blogging?  What is my purpose? What am I doing this for?
  • Who is my audience?  How do they interact with myself/my blog?
  • Am I also running a Facebook page, Google+ account, Twitter account, or Instagram account for my blog?
    •  If I take a break from blogging will I still be active on any of these?
  • Why do I feel I need to take a break?
    • Family issues?    Health issues?    Financial issues?
    •  Getting burnt out?  Writers block?  Lack of inspiration?
  • What would I consider as an acceptable loss with my blog if I take a break?

In essence, you need to get the facts out in front of you to make an informed decision.  For most bloggers, taking a break is not going to be a life or death decision for their blog.  Sure, you may lose some followers but those who you have truly connected to will be dedicated to you.  And that's what we all desire in the long run, the dedicated followers...the ones that comment, interact and appreciate your content.  

If you take a break and lose some followers the best way to look at it is as a form of pruning, taking away the dead branches so you can grow bigger and stronger.  

The pro's of taking a break can include:
  • Getting refreshed - like coming inside after a hot day at work and taking a long drink of your favorite cold beverage...      "ahhhh" it doesn't get any better than this!
  • Renewed creativity - sometimes all you need to get the creative juices flowing again is some time away not trying to figure out what to blog about next, not fighting to meet deadlines, whether self-imposed or not.

  • The stress of deadlines, even self-imposed ones, can stress your body out and literally make you sick.  A break can give you a chance to de-stress, getting more and better restorative sleep, helping to combat depression and anxiety and reducing physical tension.

If blogging has become harder, you are posting more of everyone else's content than your own, its harder to develop a post than it used to, your creativity seems stunted, you're tired, your schedule is too full, you don't feel like you have any time for yourself anymore, your family needs you more, you're dealing with health issues..... then maybe you need to ask yourself -- 

Can I afford NOT taking a break right now ???

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