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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Are You Being Asked to Make Changes? To Step Out in Faith?

     Have you ever thought what it must have been like for Abram when God spoke to him and told him to leave all he knew and go to a land that God would show him? 

     God told him to leave his father's household, his people and even his country.  God wanted to bless him and through him bless the whole world but to do so it was necessary that he be separated from all he was familiar with.

     Abram was to be breathed on by God and in the process not only would his name be changed but his destiny would be also.

     We kind of gloss over this part of his story and tend to go straight to what a man of faith he was to take his son up on a mountain and prepare to sacrifice him but his faith didn't start there.
     As far as we can tell, Abram's faith walk started the day he started packing up his family to leave.  What did his family think?  His kinsfolk? His community?  How many doubts crossed his mind?  How many doubters spoke to him?

     We don't get a clear view of all of that.  We see Abram receiving instructions from God and acting upon them.  And this is where the rubber meets the road.  He was well to do.  Successful.  Prosperous.  Just picking up everything and leaving wasn't going to be easy.  

Leaving was risky!  Obeying God would be risky!  

     Abram likely never saw those family members again in his life.  He likely never saw that community or his country again.  God was moving him out.

    In so many ways this is our life.  God wants us to move out, get away from the comfortable, the long standing cozy relationships, the familiar.  

     He says I'll bless you and make you a blessing to others.  If you will obey me and move when I say move then I will change your dead circumstances and bring new life.

     When we look at Abram we see that he answered God's call with a step of faith.  He obeyed and God changed him and then used him to changed the course of history.  That should get you excited!!! 

     What has God called on you to do?  It may not be as big and drastic as Abram but it's still important.  Does it feel dangerous?  Risky?  Are you concerned about the problems you may face?  The things that will be out of your control?  The sheer uncertainty of it?  

     Consider this:  the step of faith that God is calling you to take may be totally for you.  You see circumstances and environments are not what's important to are.  So what is it really that God is wanting to change by asking for that step of faith?


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