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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Why My Twitter Feed Became Political

     With the confirmation process surrounding Judge Kavanaugh my twitter feed suddenly became extremely political a little over a month ago.  This was never my intention but I don't back down from it.

     There are times in our lives where we must stand up and be counted.  Right now, the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is a highly intense moment in history with high emotions on both sides.  I have been honest with my friends and honest on social media about where I stand.  

     I may have lost Twitter followers and I may have gained others.  Neither of those matter to me.  What matters is that I spoke up in the medium that I thought I could be heard in.

     I can't just pack up and head to DC to protest or support someone.  I don't have the finances to up-end my life to harass congressmen and women in order to be heard.  I don't have money to support one candidate over another but what I do have is the pulpit that social media has given each and everyone of us.

     On Twitter over the last month I have tweeted and retweeted.  I have laughed at something I tweeted and yelled angrily as I shared others.  Many tweets that I retweeted have been pointed towards democrats as a whole or screaming protesters acting like spoiled children.  While this may not seem like it comports with someone who has stayed out of the political by trying to be uplifting or encouraging, -- I have to remind that I also attempt to challenge my readers as well.

     So why did I tweet such political stuff?

     I'm a conservative who has grown up being called a racist because of the color of my skin and yet to those of color who have met me and gotten to know me they know their skin color means nothing to me.  I love and treat everyone the same.

     I'm a conservative who has been told that because of my Christian faith and my conservative politics that I'm a bigot, a homophobic, who hates those who are part of the LGBTQ community.  Yet those from that community that have met me and gotten to know me know that their personal choices don't matter.  I love and treat everyone the same.

     I'm a conservative who believes in the Bible.  I believe in the innate worth of each human being and I've spent my life being ridiculed for my faith.  But it is from that faith that I find my strength.

     I tweeted the political stuff I did because I could not stand the spectacle that this whole process had become.  I could not stay quite for one more moment.  

     I was raised in a democratic home with democratic parents and surprised them when I registered as a republican not long after turning 18.  My parents had raised me to listen and make up my own mind and I learned that emotional arguments tended to be used when someone could not debate on the merits of an argument.  

     This is exactly what I saw happening.  Instead of debating Kavanaugh on the merits, I heard demagoguery....a whipping up of emotion and passion that was shutting down any form of deliberate and reasoned deliberation.  With the demagoguery in full force, the fear-mongering and exploitation of the ignorance of Kavanaugh's judicial rulings, the allegations of sexual misconduct surface at 5 minutes to mid-night.  

     At this point the foolishness went into high gear.  Just the mere accusation was considered as proof of his guilt.  Without attempting to verify his guilt or innocence....he was guilty! As a mother and a wife that was the last straw.  It was unacceptable!  I listened to Prof. Ford testify and had extreme gut reactions to her.  I listened to Judge Kavanaugh and wept.  

This touched me on a very personal level.

     I had trouble sleeping.  It felt like I was wrestling with a gorilla every night.  This had brought back memories I didn't want to remember about being grabbed as a pre-teen and pulled into a dark room where I was told this would be our little secret while a grown man my family and I knew started kissing me.  I remembered where it was, what building, what room, the exact spot, the time of day, ie...that it was after dark not long after the sun had gone down...I knew where my mother was in the building.....and the fact that it's been close to 40 years since it happened hasn't made me forget any of the details.

     I also remembered the severe gut punch that I experienced months before I met the man I later married.  I had been the butt end of a joke...a bet between boys about how soon one of them could get me in bed.  When that didn't work out they lied about me and spread rumors that destroyed my reputation.  They were in a higher socioeconomic status than I was and the crowds they ran in pretty much ran things.  I was devastated especially because this didn't happen in the public school or some other such place but in the church.  My church.  The church I was born and raised in.  The one where pretty much everyone had watched me grow up.  I had no recourse!  It was the word of two "upstanding" young men against mine....I was labeled a whore but thankfully it was only whispered....usually by the pastor every time he walked past me telling me he "knew what I had been doing."

     So, in case you don't understand -- I have been on both ends of this and the only people that I blame are those that did me wrong.  
I don't blame people who didn't victimize me and I won't blame people who don't believe me for victimizing me again.  I don't want a sacrificial lamb who has done nothing to me to pay for what another person did.  I've been victimized and wrongly accused and smeared.  

     It is time that we stop demonizing people in order to have our grievances heard.  If you've been sexually victimized, the perpetrator is your enemy not Kavanaugh.  If you've been falsely accused, the false accuser is your enemy not the protesters.

     I have personally been extremely hard on the democrats and I will very likely continue.  I do this because I truly do not believe that the democrat party as a whole really cares about making things better.  I have watched as election after election they have used the practice of personal destruction and lies to emotionally whip up an electorate that is not informed on the issues but instead is screaming back the propaganda they have been fed.  

     It sickens me to see a party that says it is for tolerance yet shows extreme intolerance for anyone that does not conform to their dogma.  They say they are for everyone having a voice and being heard but truth is they are only for those having a voice that agree with them.  Everyone else is demonized and must be marginalized  ..and until this changes I will continue to be hard on the democratic party ...while not hesitating to spend time in my personal life with those of every persuasion and political bent.

     So, if you're a democrat please understand...

My extreme 'dislike' of your party 
won't change how I treat you 
unless you treat me like your party does.

You will still get my respect as a human being with innate value and worth but it doesn't mean that I will trade my valuable time to listen to someone who wants and desires a level of treatment for themselves that they would refuse to anyone they disagree with. 


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