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About Me

Passionate & Compassionate.  Loyal & Strong willed. 
Affectionate & Devoted.  Friendly, Persistent & Sincere.

Did I ask my friends for these descriptions of me?   

NOPE!  You gotta be crazy!  
God only knows what kinds of things they'd call me!  (smiling)  

Right now, my friends have dubbed me "Patty Melt" and I can only figure that's because I'm like a piece of chocolate that just melts in your mouth.  The kind you just stop what you're doing to savor.

My view:
     I'm not perfect but I am saved by grace.  I make mistakes, I fail, I say and do the wrong things just like you.  I've had to learn to say I'm sorry.  I've had to learn to hit my knees and ask for forgiveness. 

     I have a heart for others to know and understand the Loving Heart of our Forgiving Heavenly Father.  He knows our frailties, our faults and loves us anyway.  

     I try to live my life in such a way that others know that they are accepted and loved no matter what.  I believe as a Christian, God has called me to walk out his love for others in my personal life. There are those that may never see the Love of Christ anywhere else but through their time with me so therefore I need to be a true representation of Him.  And when I'm not, I need to do all within my power to make things right, to humble myself, acknowledge my "wrong" and ask forgiveness of others.  I hope as you read about me you'll see just a regular person with hurts and hang-ups just like you.

My History:
I grew up dealing with a lot of rejection.

From my very earliest years in school I felt that I was unaccepted and unwanted.

By Junior High I was ridiculed on a daily basis for who I was and for my faith.

     Senior High was more of the same but with the kind of twists, and turns, slings and arrows that only teenagers can give.

     By the time that I met my future husband, pictured here with me at my senior homecoming dance, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was fat, ugly, useless, stupid, worthless and no one would ever want me.

     We married three weeks after I graduated not because we had to but because we wanted to. But I couldn't understand what made him think I was beautiful or understand how he could really truly love me enough to want to marry me.

Family Photo from 2007

     As of June 22, 2018, we will have been married for 33 years.  We have served as laymen in Praise and Worship, sung in choirs and ensembles and volunteered in children's ministry and media... but the most amazing thing that God has ever called us to do was raise 5 of the most amazing children in the world.

     Walking out the life of a wife and mother has been an interesting journey.  Through all the ups and downs, the ins and outs, all the crazy things that "life" has thrown at me, however steady or unsteadily I've walked......

God has always been with  me.

     Much of the rejection I experienced growing up and into my adult years was intertwined with an idea that I wasn't smart.  In high school I was even advised not to waste my time trying to go to college because I "wasn't college material."  

     When children came along and were getting old enough that we had to think about school, I was faced with a dilemma, would we send them against my better judgment or homeschool them.  So I began to research homeschooling, reading everything about the difference options, what was available, what were the laws, etc.  Soon the decision was made to homeschool them all from K through 12.  This, accompanied by chronic medical issues with all the children, forced me to read and research with great regularity.  This became my norm.  Anything I did not know I learned.  I could not teach what I did not know.  Anything I needed to learn I taught myself.  It has been interesting to see how God used my life to prepare me for what was ahead.  

     In 2013 a friend surprised me by doing all my paperwork and getting me enrolled in Liberty University where I could fulfill my dream of 'going to bible college.'  

     In May of 2016 I completed my Associate of Arts in Religion and promptly began work on my bachelors degree.

    In October of 2017 I completed my Bachelor of Science in Religion: Biblical & Theological Studies.

     Both degrees were completed with a 4.0 GPA.

     I had taught my children that if it was worth doing then it was worth doing right the first time.  What I had taught my children, coupled with a need to prove to myself that I had been lied to, propelled me.  In those actions I silenced my naysayers and proved that you make the choice of what you are capable of.

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